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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Crazy Computers

Okay, so here I am, sitting in my bed, typing away on Stephen's laptop. I'm so frustrated with computers. Our computer has been having "issues." It's saying it has low memory, yada yada, so I agree to allow Stephen to upgrade it. And today, the day he is supposed to receive all the amazing parts to make our computer so much better, today, the day I will get my actual copy of PSE5 so I don't have to continue clicking the "Continue Trial" button on my program, I come home from Hannah's dance class and sit down to work on a scrapbook page and move the mouse and the monitor flashes and the computer turns off. . .and when it reboots is says, "Windows has become corrupt, insert the original CDROM and press 'r' to repair. WTH????? I'm talking grrrrrrrr!!!!! But everything is okay because we backed up all files a few weeks ago and have been saving to our external hard drive. THANK GOD!!!! But I'm just frustrated!!!! And to boot, we get our package and it's missing 1/2 of our order: whatever RAM Stephen ordered and MY PROGRAM!!!! I'm so ticked off.

So here I am venting my frustrations to the world. LOL. Story of my life.

Life has been crazy. We are contacting mortgage companies in preparation for the possiblities of purchasing the house we're living in. It's just so much information to process and making life very interesting.


Mandy K. said...

Oh that is such a bummer about your computer. I don't know what I'd do without mine!!!

Kara said...

I think computer problems are going around! Hope yours are cured soon-they drive me crazy!