Pieces of Me

Thursday, July 5, 2007

First Entry

Okay, so I'm entering the real world of blogging. I've been doing a little blogging on myspace, but not everyone has myspace so I've decided to venture out even more into the world and see if I can really become a blogger.

Lately, my life has consisted of playgroups and VBS. Thankfully, I have one amazing girlfriend who has participated right along with me to support and help me stay sane. Although, I'm doing the same for her. :) I, honestly, do not know what I would do without her.

Being the mother to two active children is a lot more challenging than I expected. Last summer, Cayden was a newborn and really revolved around Hannah with Cayden in tow in his carrier. This year, finding activities for both of them has been more than interesting. But again, my dear friend not only has a daughter Hannah's age, but a son a few months younger than Cayden, so in turn, my dear friend. . okay, we shall call her one of my best friends, has a daughter Hannah's age and a son Cayden's age. God is good!!!

Yesterday my family met Uncle Kenny and Aunt Debbie at the Waco Zoo. We had a great time. Make sure you stop by our Photo Page to view pictures from the zoo and from our Independence Day celebrations. We've had a great summer thus far.


Nicole H. said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. It's fun. Glad to see you started one.

Sharon said...

Great job on the blog it looks fantastic!