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Friday, July 13, 2007

A Royal Celebration

We are gearing up for Hannah's 4th Birthday Party. Last year, we had a Princess Party at Toys "R" Us for 20 kids for less than $150. So we are once again allowing Toys "R" Us to take care of the craziness of the birthday party planning.

Hannah has requested a "Rapunzel" birthday. She loves the story of Barbie as Rapunzel. Since the party is going to be more "low key" this year, we are going to have a story at the very beginning. I will read to the kids, Rapunzel. And then, I need to see if I can find someone who will dress up as Rapunzel for the party and surprise the kids (even Hannah). Part of the party will be the kids going throughout the store looking for a treasure chest filled with goodies. At the end of the treasure chest, there is supposed to be Geoffrey Giraffe, but Hannah is TERRIFIED of him so we have asked that Geoffrey not be present at the party. I was thinking that Rapunzel could meet the kids at the end of the hunt.


I'm pretty excited about the wording. Hannah wants to dress as Rapunzel. Last year, she was Belle. I guess the next several years will be about what Stephen calls the 3P's. . . Princesses, Ponies, and Pollies (as in Polly Pocket).

We're only inviting our playgroup and a few of Hannah's church friends for a total of 15. We'll do something with the family and cousins on the Sunday following her birthday. It's just easier. Hannah's cousins are 2 years younger than she is so I think it's for the best.


Unknown said...

What a great invite to a party. My 2 dd's are past the princess stage (most of the time!). Great blog - I started back in march and love it. Drop by and say hi. I read Kite Runner too with my book group - excellent book.