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Friday, August 10, 2007

Dog Bites and Birthdays

This past week has certainly been full of things to do. We are in our first week of swimming lessons. Actually, we just completed our first week of swimming lessons. Hannah is doing wonderfully well. To be honest withy ou, I'm shocked at how well she's doing. Let's see, we had our last dance class for the summer. Hannah's dance recital was tonight. You can watch her class dance to "It's a Hard Knock Life" by clicking here. It gets a little shaky because Mrs. Brianna got in my view of Hannah and I had to scoot around on the ground until I was able to see her again. But it's oh so cute. They did a great job. This was the first ever recital at the YMCA. I think it went well.

Hmm. . . Stephen's cousin, Christi, passed away from breast cancer. We really wanted to attend her Memorial Service but it was the exact same day and time as Hannah's 4th Birthday Party, from which I am still recovering. It was so wonderful though. Rapunzel make a special appearance, and the kids had a fantastic time. And it was so affordable. We'll have to try something else next year, though, since we've done Toys R Us two years in a row.

And then a good friend of my home church family passed away on Tuesday. His visitation was last night and the funeral was today. It was very hard for me since Stephen was unable to come with me. Just too hard.

Our playgroup is slowly coming to a close. We had Splash Day this week. I don't know what we're doing next week. Hannah and her two girlfriends also went swimming yesterday. I'm beat.

And to top it all off, Cayden got in the middle of my mom's two Pomeranians and ended up with a dog bite on his left arm. It shows in his 15 month pictures very nicely. He's fine. . .didn't really phase him once mom picked him up, and it's healing nicely. I thought my mom was going to kill her dogs though. They are fine, too. It wasn't out of aggression. The dogs were fighting over something and Cayden wound up in between them. I don't know exactly how, but I wasn't there, I was at Dance Class.

I've done a few LOs this week, but not many. I'm disappointed and planning on creating several this weekend. I'm excited. Tomorrow is my Calendar Stamp Camp with Cara. Nickie and the girls will be there. I miss them and are so excited to be able to spend some time with them this weekend. Hmmm. . . don't know what else is going on. LOL

Okay, here are a couple LOs. Now remember, creating and then actually getting them up on my blog are completely different stories. These LOs have been done for days.

This one was fun to create. I made it for a challenge at Make It Scrappy and DigibyDesign

Designer Credits: Papers are Summer Celebration by Madaleine Engel and Sun and Park by Maria LaFrance; Alpha and Glitter Elements are from the DST Birthday Glitz Kit; Template is by Laura B. Mundy of Little Bit's D-zynz for the DigibyDesign Template Challenge; Groucho Mask by Candy Cook; Fonts: Palace Script; Ma Sexy; Jokerman; Eras Bold; Horseshoes and Lemonade; Showcard Gothic

Made this LO for Scraplift Challenge at Digital Freebies and Scripture Challenge at DigiScrapDivas. Credits: Savannah by CanDesigns; Beads by Conny B, Swirl Clip by Kimberly Geswein, Stitches by Sheri Tierney

I created this LO in honor of my niece, Elise. Karla has a Kit she made in honor of all babies lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, infancy. I think it's beautiful.

Credits: Beautiful Angel by Karla's Kaleidoscope Designs.My niece, Elise, was born still last October. I created this page in her memory. I did cover the picture out of respect for my sister and her husband.

Here's one to recap Hannah's summer. I love the template and know that I will use it for a LO with Cayden as well.

Designer Credits: Papers: Got Baby by CanDesigns, Little Miss by Traci Thompson; Crown Element from Little Miss by Traci Thompson; Template by Kristen Tilly

Journaling: 1. GG, Aunt Lisa, Susie and Greg come for a visit and take us to Sea World. FUN! FUN! 2. You take dance for the first time. You LOVE it, especially twirling and leaping. 3. You also take Swimming Lessons. You're much more comfortable in the water and even go underwater. 4. You celebrate your 4th Birthday! Rapunzel comes to your party!

Finally, I'm getting the Playgroup Music Class LOs posted. I finished them today.

Credits: Sweet Stuff by Michelle Swadling. Music Notes (recolored) from Waterfall Melodies by Theresa Hernandez

Journaling Reads: The "A Little Rock and Roll" music class was so much fun for everyone. The kids were able to pound on these really big Sharing Drums. And boy did they pound. Even the littlest children were able to make some rhythm with the help of their mommies. July 18, 2006

For the August Ad Challenge at DigiScrapDivas.

Credits: Sweet Stuff by Michelle Swadling. Rock and Roll Elements by Tracy Drane

Journaling Reads: Mrs. Jennifer arranged for our playgroup to receive a free music class from Austin Lyric Opera. The class was called "A Little Rock and Roll," and it was led by Mr. Walter. He taught you a couple new songs, a few new games, and talked about how to have fun with music. You all had a blast. July 18, 2007

And finally, my two favorite LOs for of the week:

Created for Tracy's Template Challenge at Make it Scrappy

Credits: Jill D'zines My Favorite Boy Sampler; Paper and Glitter Elements from DST Birthday Glitz Kit; Cupcake Element from Brayden's Birthday Kit by Traci Thompson; Grin and Giggles Word Art from Giggle by J Cantrill; Fun Word Art by Amy Bleser from DigiScrapDivas Primary Fun Kit; Car and Bottlecap and Tag Elements from Little Boy Sampler by Sarah's Designs

That's all for now. :)


Nicole H said...

Rose you are doing so great. Sorry about the cousin and friend passing away. Life can be so hard as we both know all too well. Glad Hannah's b-day was a hit. Tried to see the recitel but it didn't load right.

Starbuck and Torrey said...

I absolutely love that layout where you have different pics for each month! You should do a template based on that for sure! Is it a digital design or was it a paper one?

Keep up the great work!