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Thursday, August 30, 2007

First Day of Pre-School

This morning went really well. I did not freak out like I thought I would. We got Hannah up at 7:30 am and let her wake up a bit by watching "The Magic School Bus." Then we ate breakfast. Hannah chose a waffle with syrup. Cayden had a waffle and Petra had Cheerios. Mommy had oatmeal with splenda and fresh strawberries and a homemade iced nonfat sugarfree vanilla latte :)

Then we let Hannah pick out her clothes. She really wanted to play with her dolls before we had to leave so she picked out a "beautiful dress." We got her dressed, teeth brushed, and hair up and then she was able to play while Mommy and Daddy got themselves and the babies dressed.

We took some pictures and I made some layouts. To view more of our fun layouts check out my scrappin' blog!

Created using Laughter by Mel from BusyBeeScrapper. LO inspired by Becky Higgins.
Journaling: Hannah, Today was your first day of Preschool. This is the first time that you will not be home with me every day all day. To be completely honest with you, I was very nervous about leaving you with a classroom full of kids and a new teacher. I know the days leading up to today were harder on me than they were on you. You are so excited about going to preschool and making new friends. You are so independent and still want to spend everywaking moment at home with me. As much as I know you’re growing up and need to experience the world without Mommy and Daddy around all the time, I cannot help but think about when you were a little baby and needed me to takecare of you - to dress you, feed you, and play with you. Now you pick our your own clothes, pick out your own lunch, and play with your friends without me alongside you. I’m really going to miss you, Hannah. You’re my baby girl and I love you so much. I know you think you’re “all growed up” but it is my prayer that the days start to creep by slower than the past 4 years. I’m ready to let you spread your tiny wings and learn to fly. But you’re only allowed to go as far away as preschool this year. I will cherish every moment you are four and not think about Kindergarten until next year. I love you! All my love, Mommy August 30, 2007

Created using Laughter by Mel from BusyBeeScrapper. LO inspired by Becky Higgins.
Journaling: The excitement you felt today is written all over your face. Here is a series of pictures from this morning: A. This picture was taken of you on the ride to school. You’re so excited!!B. I think this picture is so precious. Here you are giving Daddy a goodbye kiss before I take you to your classroom. Daddy couldn’t walk you to the door because he needed to sit in the car with the babies. I think this was harder on Daddy than you.C. Here you are walking so proudly to your classroom all by yourself. You did not want to hold my hand. You are growing up so quickly.D. Mrs. Kerrie stops to allow me to take your picture with her on the first day. Most of the kids in your class have been to preschool before so their mommies were not asking for pictures. Your mommy is so happy that Mrs. Kerrie didn’t mind this snapshot. It’s hard to believe your first day is over. It is even harder for me to admit that you had a blast. This morning when I dropped you off you told me, “I KNOW!” when I told you, “Love you Hannah.” You are a mess!!!

From Preschool we headed straight to the chiropractor for our monthly adjustment. Guess who fell asleep on the way there ~ NOT CAYDEN or Petra! Little Miss, I'm not Sleepy, Hannah. Hehehee!

Now she's happily playing with Playdoh and Cayden is down for a nap!

It's been a good day.


Unknown said...

lol...Kenzie was exhausted after her first day too...glad that it was easier on you than you thought it would be. Did she say she had alot of fun and who all she made friends with? It was like pulling teeth to get any info from Kenzie after she got out of school on her first day. Hannah is such a big girl! I'm glad it was a good day for all of you!

Traci said...

I'm so glad it was a good one! It's great for me to read about these experiences from "the other side" too, so thanks! Hope you all continue to LOVE IT!!!