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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hannah's 4 Year Well Check

Hannah had her 4 year well check yesterday. The appointment was at 3:30 pm so Daddy had to come home to keep the babies while Hannah and I went to her appointment.

They started out by weighing and measuring her height. She's finally averaging out after being super tall and super skinny for her age. She's 40 3/4 inches tall (still not old enough for the big rides at Sea World ~ She's pretty disappointed) and 34 lbs.

They did the hearing and vision screening, which Hannah actied like she didn't have time for. She was so funny. During the hearing check, she followed directions until she got bored, and then she started talking to me. The nurse reminded her to raise her hands whenever she heard the beeps, and Hannah's response was, "I've already been hearing all the beeps, I think I'm done." Of course she wasn't, so she was told, "You need to listen for 2 more beeps." She followed directions and as soon as she heard the final beep she said, "Okay, that's 2. I'm done!" and promptely took off the headphones.

On to the vision screening. They first show a couple of the pictures at normal sight to make sure she can recognize what's on the cards. Afterwards, she was told to look into the "funny goggles" for the pictures. And then with a pushpin, the nurse would point to pictures. One of the pictures was a birthday cake, so Hannah really focused on that object. She just wouldn't cooperate. But then they moved to letters, "What is next to the A?" and Hannah got everything correctly. She just really wanted to look at the birthday cake. . little stinker.

Of course, we discussed how awful bedtime is for us. It's a constant battle, and starting next week, it will be one that is not an issue because school is starting. And once Grandma and Grandpa are in their new home, we will not have to worry about disturbing anyone and can let her just pitch a fit. Regardless, we're going to try to slowly adapt back into a good routine. Stephen is working 10 - 6 pm now so his evening time with the kids is limited, BUT he can continue to do the bathtime routine he does with them.

The only "bad" thing about the whole visit is the shots. Hannah received 5 shots to get her caught up and ready for pre-school. Poor baby. But I told her, "You can cry, you can yell, Mommy can yell with you, but you cannot pull away." The nurse tried to distract her from looking at the needles, but she told Daddy afterward, "I got 5 shots, and they used the BIG needles, and they hurt me." Daddy's heart was broken.

Afterwards, she received a "BooBoo bear" and 5 stickers from the doctor, and then, Mommy took her to the Dollar Store and let her pick out 5 things. . . what did we come home with??? 5 little girl dollies to play with her Barbies.

This morning was storytime. The kids had a good time listening to the stories and singing with Mrs. Stacy. Cayden really loves the little chair so we may have to save up for Christmas and get him one.

Speaking of Christmas, with all the house stuff, we're going to start shopping, so I need Christmas lists from those for which we buy gifts. I guess I should let them know. Hehehe.

The appraiser rescheduled for Thursday. The house is starting to look really great since I've been "Fly-Ladying" and keeping things picked up. Grandpa is finishing the new thresholds today.

Ok, there has been a 3 hour break between typing this entire message. Now we're on to nap #2 for the babies and quiet time for Hannah, so I'm going to go and scrap a bit.

Blessings from Above ~ Rose