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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fat Lips and Closing Date

Well, the house stuff is in the wrapping up phase. The appraisal went really well. We're so happy and blessed. It's a wonderful feeling to know that we are being guided by the Lord every step of the way. I can now stop worrying and start enjoying the thought of being a homeowner. I don't know why it is so hard to just let go and let God. I mean, He's literally been holding our hand through this entire process, and through every worry, and I mean EVERY worry, He has said, "Hello, so you don't trust me on this issue. . . okay. . . . " and things have just fallen together. I guess that's why He's so amazing!! He didn't say, "Okay foolish children, you don't trust me, then I'm not going to provide for you." And He will never say that. No matter what I do.

Anyway, the closing date is September 28th. We've got a few loose ends to tie up. We have to get Home Owner's Insurance and a Verbal Statement from Ernie and Liz in regards to the gift equity. But all in all, we're going to own this place by October.

Of course, E and L won't be moving out until Grandaddy's place is ready, which could be 6 weeks, but since we've lived here 3 years rent free, the trade off of 6 more weeks is completely worth it.

Have I told you we're sooooo excited????

We did go visit Bekah and the boys yesterday and had a little accident. Hannah was drying off from playing in the water with the boys and slipped in the garage. The fall went like this: Knees, Face. Yep. Knees, face. Poor baby. She's got a terrible Fat Lip. Teeth are okay. No concussion, no permanent teeth damage. She does have a bit of Whip Lash and threw her pelvis of balance, but Dr. Jones fixed her up today. She's doing lots better and will be going to school tomorrow morning.

I'm tired. . it's my anniversary. I'm going to relax for a bit.


Unknown said...

I'm glad things are getting wrapped up for you! Sorry Hannah got hurt but I am glad she is ok now. Happy Late Anniversary!

Unknown said...

WOW it really does sound like you are rolling in the blessings! Of course we all are, if we just look. I'm tired, but when I look down I see my two precious daughters that God has trusted me with and I know that I truly am blessed!
Great news, and have fun moving in!