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Friday, September 28, 2007


It is official. We have been in the process of purchasing our very first home. It is the home where Stephen grew up, and we have been living her for the past 3 1/4 years. Hannah has grown up here, and Cayden knows nothing no other place as home. We have been through lots of changes living here. When we first moved in, we were completely broke, and Grandpa had just taken a job in Virginia. Bekah and her boys moved out and that left Grandma all alone in the house. To help us all out, Stephen and I moved in with Hannah, kept Grandma from being alone, and made our financial situation livable.

Over the years, Stephen has received a wonderful promotion and helped us start to get our debt under control. After 1 1/2 years, Grandpa moved back home, and we continued to stay.

We became pregnant with Cayden and thought we'd move out in Spring 2006, but God led us to attend Financial Peace University with the McDaid's and wrote out a game plan. We attended Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University starting in October (maybe it was September). Stephen didn't really want to go, but I coherced him, and paid the $90 it costs to enroll in the program. For the first time in our lives, we felt in control of our finances. We're living on a budget and "attacking our debt with gazelle light intensity." There are several baby steps involved in finding Financial Peace.

We sat down and really looked at everything. We continued living with Stephen's folks (of course after talking with them) in hopes to be completely debt free in 1 1/2 to 2 years.

At the beginning of this summer, they told us they were looking at buying Grandaddy's old house. It's in a quieter neighborhood and very sentimental. So we initially started looking for places to rent and could not find anything with a reasonable rent payment. Stephen talked to his folks and they agreed to sell us this house for a very generous price of 20% under market value.

Each time we questioned if this was the right thing to do, God opened doors and He did it LOUDLY. Anytime we even contemplated it not happening, He shoved obstacles out of the way. It was meant to be!!!

Our "plan" is to live here for 5 years. We would like to be debt free (except for the house) and ready to move to a quieter area of town before Hannah starts Middle School. Stephen really wants to move before Cayden goes to kindergarten, but that's doubtful in my eyes.

We're ready to make this place ours. I now have a kitchen with MY dishes and appliances in it!!!! It's like Christmas!!!! :) :) :)

Thank you for all your love and prayers!!!


Suz said...

Congratulations Rose!!! I'm so happy for you.