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Monday, October 22, 2007

McIntyre House Update

We are slowly working on the renovations to our home. I wish I could call it our "new" home, but it's not. We've been living here for 3 years but now it's finally OUR home. The kitchen is full of OUR dishes (that are like new because they've been in storage for 3 years). The living room has some of OUR furniture (Working on getting our couch back from my mother and my sister has our TV.) I know Stephen and Jeremy are going to move the couch sometime this week (right, honey???) and we are planning a trip up to Heather's and Eddie's sometime this week to get our TV and new door knobs/locks.

We started working on Hannah's room last week. It is really the only room in the house that we could actually start working in. Until E and L move all their belongings out (I think they are moving this weekend), we can't do much. And we're taking things one paycheck at a time to avoid more debt.
Unfortunately, our AC decided to stop cooling efficiently on Sunday of last week and finally on Wednesday, after three visits (by 2 different repair men) and $1,000, we have had our AC fan and coils cleaned to perfection and a new return installed to help with the filtration issue it was having. It's amazing that this was what they cleaned OUT of our AC Coils. Yuck!! And this is only a little bit of it. It looks like coal to me. No, it's hair, dust, filth. . . ick!!!

So, needless to say, the AC is working WONDERFULLY now. The back of the house gets just as cool as the front of the house, and setting it on 78 is actually cool enough for us. We are now praying that the $350 utility bill from last month cuts way back! :)

Anyway, back to the Hannah room project. I really want to scrap all the popcorn texture off our ceilings. I hate it. It's ugly and too difficult to keep clean.

We started in Hannah's room. Stephen scraped the ceilings last weekend. He worked very hard all day on last Saturday.

After scraping the ceilings, I gave him a break and actually started painting the walls. Hannah chose pink and yellow. Here are a few shots of us painting together. She actually did a GREAT job helping!!!

Stephen got some picture of us painting. And then today, I took some after pictures. It's not completely finished. I want to stencil a border on, but I'm trying to figure out how that's going to work. We ended up pulling the carpet out and the linoleum that was beneath it is TERRIBLE so we will be replacing that sometime soon. And yes, I know that's a FABULOUS picture of myself.

And finally, drumroll please. . . . . . . Hannah's beautiful room


AfriDigiDiva said...

I absolutely love family photos! When you're all done with your renovations, you can feel free to come on over to my place. Congrats too on the home purchase.

Anonymous said...

That looks so so pretty, Rose. :)