Pieces of Me

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Busy, Busy

It has been a busy time of year for us all. November flew by like there's no tomorrow. I'm still in shock that it's nearly December. We've done a bit of Christmas Shopping and planning, but are not near where I would like to be. Of course, several Christmas gifts are going to be Calendars and Brag Books so that is just a matter of me sitting down and creating the LOs for them.

Hmmm. . . we got our tree up! And we hung our stockings, our Advent Wreath is ready, it just needs new candles. The Nativity Scene that we got when we were first married is still in great condition. Hannah had a blast trimming the tree. Once Stephen gets our computer together, I will post some photos. We've been doing loves of rearranging and rennovating the house. But it is all coming along nicely.

The guest bathroom is nearly finished. It just needs the ceiling and shelves painted white and new bathroom rugs and accessories. It looks sooo pretty, a soft sage green is the main color. Very neutral. This is a picture of the color of towels we have in the room. We made the main color green so that it ties these two towel patterns together:

We are happy to say that Hannah's room, aside from flooring is FINISHED! It's been rearranged and is now in the arrangement it will stay for a while. Gee, I hope she likes princesses forever because it is decked out. All we are lacking is a light switch plate and lamp. I did a scrapbook LO earlier today. We've got a photo of her painting her room, a photo of her name frame, her dresser (that she helped paint), and her princess bed (as she calls) it.
For designer credits, click on photo.

We got Cayden moved into his room. We haven't painted it yet. In fact, he doesn't even have curtains, but he is in his new to him bed (thanks to Crystal) and seems to be adjusting well. Naptime was really hard, but I think that had more to do with the fact that we couldn't darken the room. We're going to look at window shades for his room this weekend. And of course, we need to decide on a "theme" for his room. I think we're going to go with sports. We'll see how it all turns out. For now, we're just going to work on getting his dresser in his room.
We finally now have an office and a room for each kid, not to mention our own room! We will be putting the Ellipictal Trainer that my parents gave up in the office. We have a TV/Monitor Convertor so we'll be able to be an ET Potato and I actually might exercise!
As far as the weight loss front. I'm finally committed to really starting over. Last week I was 4 lbs from my heaviest weight and that really depressed me. BIG TIME. I've gained 20 lbs and hit rock bottom. But even with it being Thanksgiving, I start back on WW and am also using pointed from the ABS Diet (which is basically weight watchers but you split up your meals from 3 into 6). And as of today, I lost 4 lbs this week (WAHOO!!!!). Tuesday is the real deal. We'll see what WI reveals.
Okay, wow, I've really been talking up a storm. It's good to have so much to talk about!
Blessings, y'all!