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Monday, December 3, 2007

Trying to Decide ~ Cayden's Room

We've been so busy getting the house ready for Christmas, unpacking the garage, attempting to keep the place somewhat clean (don't even talk to me about clutter UGH). We have finished Hannah's room (except for flooring), need to buy the floors and accessories for the Guest Bathroom, paint the Master Bath (the guest bath paint matches the master bath stuff [can you say, YAY!?!?!]). All during this time, my poor baby boy has been moved into a room that is nearly bare. He has his bed, his dresser, and a rocker. Not even any curtains. So, Stephen said that we can start on his room (i.e. bedding and accessories). I've having a tough time with this decision.
I really want this set for his room, but it's from Pottery Barn Kids and is really pricey. Why can't I like something that isn't sooo expensive. Of course, we want something that will grow with him and this certainly will. They have it in Toddler - Full Size so all we would have to do is replace the sheets (which we would buy at Target).
Anyway, this set is soooo cute and I am totally in love with it, but thought, you know, Hannah has homemade Princess Bedding. Grandma made the quilt and pillow and we got the sheets from Walmart/Target. So why not check out Target's Boy bedding. Here's what I've found.
This set is very similar (okay, not really), but it is a dark colors which I think is always best for boys because that baby blue becomes really babish by the time the kid is 3. This one makes me think that a 10 year old will still like it. Of course, with my luck, Cayden will want to be a dancer and not be interested in sports at all. This one is at Target. It is $80 for the entire bedding set. Then you can add on an adorable lamp (which we will do) and Wall Art.

Okay, so the more I look at this, the more I like it so, there you have it. This will be room. There's a valance, hamper, and even a diaper stacker. How cute is this???

Just absolutely adorable!!! I'm soooo excited. I didn't think I'd ever be happy with something other than the PBK Set! Stephen is going to be sooo happy!
In other house news, Hannah's computer is up and running and we have a new corner desk for our computer (that someone was THROWING away!!!). And my folks gave us an elliptical. . so no more excuses for us to not exercise! Yippee!!!