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Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas and New Year's Eve LOs

It's the new year! I am still in shock that 2007 is over, my little girl will be going to kindergarten this year, my baby boy will be 2, and my husband and I are homeowners.

Lots has happened in 2007. I didn't do a Family Christmas Letter this year. The past 2 months have been so full of activity that I haven't even had time to have any real "me" time.

I think that that's my New Year's Resolution. Make the most out of "Me Time." Sounds like a LO to me :)

Christmas was very blessed this year. I feel overwhelmed by the love of my family and friends. This year the Lord gave me the opportunity to actually realize how blessed I am. I have 4 amazing girl friends. I've talked about them before, and I could talk about them all day long. We've all gone through so much together in the past 2 months that we have been pulled even closer together. And it looks like we may have one more obstacle to get through, but together we will make it! C is on the mend, M is continually in my prayers, J is the best, and D is just D! I love each of them soooo much.

Anyway, this was our first year to have Christmas as a family of 4. It has been a harsh reality to our family that Granny and Grandaddy are really gone. But they are together again and got to celebrate Christmas in heaven. . I bet it was beautiful. Nonetheless, we miss them.

With them being gone, the McIntyre family has gone it's separate ways. We have family in Jacksonville, Houston, Buda, Bastrop, Schertz, and Austin. The family that once got together each week for Sunday Dinners now struggles to see each other once a month. We did celebrate Christmas with the McIntyre Family all together in Bastrop this year. It was nice. I hope Stephanie shares her pictures with me because I don't have many.

Christmas Eve was with Stephen's family. We met for lunch. It was a very nice gathering at Grandma and Grandpa's new home. Next Christmas it will be a completely different house than it was this year. The renovations will be complete!

So that left us with Christmas Morning with our family of four. In honor of Grandaddy and Uncle Les, Stephen woke up early and cooked us breakfast. Then we sat down in the living room, near the tree, and shared the Christmas Story with our kids. We have a great little book that even asks questions at the end of each page. It was fun. And then we let our kiddos open gifts. The Santa presents were first as Santa left a HUGE comfy chair for each kiddo in their favorite colors. And then the other gifts followed suit:
Then we had Christmas with my family and the kids enjoyed every minute of it, including the church service. It was a good morning. Hannah and I sang The Gift Goes On together without the accompaniment tape as it freaked out during the first verse. I think we did a pretty good job!

The week following Christmas was hard on us all. Hannah caught a bug and started running temperature on the evening of the 26th. Her fever continued through the weekend and we ended up at the doctor on Saturday morning. He was diagnosed with viral pharyngitis and a cold. We went home with nothing but a prescription for cough syrup. On Monday (NYE), she was still running temp and Cayden had developed a rash so we made another trip to the doctor. Cayden was given a cream for the rash and I again was told that Hannah had a virus. Regardless of the kids not feeling well, Stephen and I thought it would be okay to take them to the Zilker Tree (our family NYE tradition) for a little while and snap some photos. Hannah had been on Motrin for a while so we loaded up and went to the tree. For the 15 minutes we were there, they had a BLAST!

Here's a in motion view of what we do under the tree. . . be careful.. .it will get you dizzy (which is so much fun!)

And after we came home and got the kids to bed, Stephen and I rang in the New Year doing our own thing (Digiscrappin' and WoW). And then we went to bed.

So Happy New Year! Hannah is finally over her illness. On Wednesday, her temp hit 105, causing me to phone the doctor. They got her on an antibiotic, and I'm happy to say she's been fever free for 36 hours!

Blessings! XOXO


Mona said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday despite the illnesses. It's never a fun thing to be sick. I ended up with "the bug" just before Christmas and it's still hanging on!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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