Pieces of Me

Friday, February 22, 2008

Where has February gone?

I cannot believe that the month of February has nearly come to an end. Life in our household is constantly filled with the noises of children - not always happy children, but children none the least.Hannah's class went on a field trip to the Texas Memorial Museum. I haven't scrapped the photos yet, but this field trip was a big treat for Hannah because Daddy went along with the class. The kids spent a week learning about dinosaurs and extinction. To wrap up the week, they took a field trip to the recently remodeled museum. From the photos it looks like they had a blast.

And of course, the class celebrated Valentine's Day in 4 year old fashion. Mammaw watched Petra and Cayden for me so I was able to go to the party and get some photos. The kids created "Chocolate Covered Hearts," A Crown of Hearts, and decorated heart shaped cookies. They also exchanged Valentine's and Hannah came home with more loot than any little girl could ever want or need. All from a bunch of her classmates as well as a couple of out of town friends.

I have been busy working on my Digital Scrapbooking Business. I've enjoyed learning the software I use and working with other designers, learning the tricks of the trade. I've actually made a profit!! I'm trying to save my designing $$ to purchase things that I wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. It may take a little longer this way, but it will be worth it.

Stephen decided it was high time for me to have a laptop. I received it today as a late V-day present and am loving it soooooo much!

Uncle K surprised us today with a visit. He's here for a photography conference but he didn't want to be down here without saying hello. And of course, he brought his camera and took some awesome photos of my kids. . . just being themselves.

Life is going well for us all. Blessings!