Pieces of Me

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good Friday

I told you I'd blog more about Easter a little later. This year was lots of fun. Watching my kids interact with not only their friends but also their cousins as just so awesome for me. As much as I'm sad that they are growing up, I love that they are now little people who play and run and love unconditionally. Kids are awesome - they get in trouble, they get over it. There are no grudges, even with Hannah's age. It's awesome and reminds me of how much God loves me. He never holds a grudge, and I am soooo thankful!!

Okay, photos from Good Friday. We may have to split all this up into days. Hannah had a blast with her friends in the morning and then her grandparents and cousins in the afternoon. It was just an overall fun day, regardless of mommy going home with Cayden and taking a nap. The allergy forecast was unbelievable.
And Hannah got a new bicycle this weekend. She is really getting the hang of bike riding and thankfully, Miss D brought her bike and they were able to ride their bikes together.
I also kept Crystal's little girl, Miss K, today. She had a good time as well. I think she was bored t times, but Hannah always made sure to include her (that I'm aware of)

So there you have it. They had lots of fun on Good Friday. Officially day 2 out at the park. One more day at the park and then lots of fun on Easter Sunday, my very favorite day of the year!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Family Fun

We've been doing so much more stuff as a family lately. It's been wonderful. We got hung up there for a bit and life seemed to keep us all a part from one another. Hard to believe how much time preschool takes. And of course, there's my little at home job of keeping another child. I do love Petra, but they are moving and although I am very sad that Cayden is losing a playmate, probably his best friend, I am excited about the new embarkment of being a stay at home mom again. My digital scrapbooking design business is really taking off. That's not to say that the extra money from keeping Miss P won't be missed, but the relationship we have with her will be missed more than anything else. You know that your son loves someone when he wakes up in the morning asking for "Baby" as he has named Miss P. Here they are being little bunnies. And please know that as much as I try to keep Cayden's clothes on him, sometimes it's near impossible.
And as much as Hannah doesn't want to admit it, she's going to miss Miss P as well. There are moments when the rule of threes comes into effect, and Hannah wants to play dress up. I must admit that it is not fun to play dress up with your baby brother or your dogs (yes, she's tried to dress up our pets). At any rate, come the 1st of May, we're going to have to plan some frequent playdates for both children to get over the Miss P withdrawl. And I'm sure that we'll schedule some weekend playdates with Miss P herself. When was the last time I posted??? Have I talked about dyeing Easter eggs? Oh what an experience. Never try to dye eggs with 2 toddlers and a four year old. Cayden tried to drink the blue dye, getting it all over his only been worn once outfit. Thankfully, I immediately undressed him and placed it under cold water. Either the dye has really changed since I was a kid or cold water is the answer to everything, because the outfit was saved!!!! Hannah was the only one who enjoyed dyeing the eggs, but we all enjoyed eating them.

Easter was so much fun. Thursday was the Pre-K egg hunt at school. Hannah and her class had sooo much fun. I think the mommies had just as much fun as well, except that this mommy forgot to put on sunscreen and ended up burnt to a crisp. The best part about watching the kiddos find eggs was that they each had to find 12 eggs with their names on them. It was really neat to watch them help their friends find their names, meaning they are recognizing and reading at least the names of their classmates :)

I'll write more about Easter in another blog. Regardless, we had fun!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Spring is here! I'm so excited. This is my favorite time of year. I cannot wait to take the kids out into the wildflowers. And the weather has just been gorgeous. Today it's a little cool for my taste, but put a jacket on and outside we go! The kids have been loving the weather. As I type, I am uploading our Easter photos. I'll get them inserted into a slide show and share sometime this afternoon/evening. Until then, Happy Monday!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Family FUN Day Fiasco!

Yesterday, after my WW meeting and Cayden's nap, we dedicated the afternoon to Family Fun. We loaded up the kiddos and the wagon, along with two brand new kites and our bubbles, and headed to Zilker Park. This is one of our favorite places to go as a family. We've taken Hannah since she was a baby and have continued the tradition with Cayden. Our plan was to spend a little while flying kites and then go to the playground area and let the kids play. And then we were going to go down and feed the ducks and possibly go canoeing.

Before leaving, Daddy and Hannah shared chips and salsa. I noticed the plate on the table and saw Cayden eating a chip. I questioned whether or not he got into salsa, since he is allergic to tomato, but Stephen was fairly certain that all Cayden had was a chip.

As soon as we arrived at Zilker and got Cayden out of the car, I knew he had eaten more than just a chip. He had hives creeping up his face/head and his eyes were getting very puffy. We took immediate precautions and dosed him with Benadryl. We then kept a very close eye on him (he was in either Stephen's or my arms or within an arm's reach the entire time).

But we didn't want to give up on our family time so we got out the kites and began to fly them.

We first took out the Sesame Street Kite to hopeful capture Cayden's attention.

I cannot believe how easy it was to get this kite into the air. I'm talking within 30 seconds it was flying high above us. Cayden kept saying, "Elmo flyin'! Elmo flyin'!"

And then, it was time to get Hannah's BARBIE kite up in the sky. She was soooo excited!!

Unfortunately, about 30 minutes into our kite flying, Stephen and I both noticed that Cayden was getting incredibly droopy and even more puffy. His breathing was okay, so we didn't need to worry about using the EpiPen, but we wanted to get him home and give him a dose of Zyrtec like Dr. G instructed us to do in situations like this one. So we had to cut our day short, and Hannah was devastated. And as much as it broke our heart to disappoint her, we knew that Cayden needed to be taken care of so we headed home. After his Zyrtec and a nap, Cayden woke up good as new (still a little droopy, but other than that, perfect!)

So I end this entry with a final photo of both kites in the air. I cannot wait until our next family fun day!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

FUN-tastic Friday

This past Friday was a day filled with fun for the kiddos. We started off the day by spending the morning in the backyard. They had so much fun running around, but I could tell they were starting to get bored, so I offered to buy Mammaw lunch in return for a ride to "Jason's Deli Park" as Hannah calls it. We had lunch at Jason's Deli and then played at The Grove for 30 minutes. Mimi and Alexander even joined us for a little bit. It was a lot of fun!

Cayden crawling through the tunnel.

Spinning the wheel.

Alexander - sooo cute!

Petra, on the turtleCayden, playing the drums!
Petra on the slide

Afterwards, we came home, and I put the babies down for their nap. Boy, they were exhausted!! They both slept for about 2 hours while Hannah had some downtime in her room.

Once they were awake, I suggested playing in the backyard again. But this time, I set up our beach ball sprinkler and let the kids go to town. They had a BLAST. It was 95 degrees outside so the cold water felt soooo good to them.

And then, we came inside and had a snack, and the kids them played in the playroom until Petra's mom arrived to take her home. Once Stephen came home, we had supper, and then together, as a family, we walked up to the school playground up the street. The kids had a lot of fun. It was a great time watching the two of them play together and separately.

And then, after our evening of fun at the park, we ended it with ice cream from Amy's. What a perfect end to a FUNtastic day!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

She's growing up

Hannah is growing up too quickly if you want my opinion. She spend most of this weekend away from home - spending Friday night with Grandma, all day with Grandma, Grandpa, and the big boys. She came home for bed. We snuggled a bit, but she wanted Daddy to read her a story. I've been sick, so I didn't even get up this morning to get her ready for church with Mammaw. (Now, before anyone thinks we send our kid to church without attending, please know that we go to church as a family on Sunday evenings at the Well).

I did get up and actually go to church this morning. Hannah is a part of of the Children's Choir, and I wanted to go and hear her sing. We went for the 1st half of the service, but Stephen brought me home to get some rest after the kids sang. It was so cute. And I know I'm Hannah's mom, but she's the best singer of the bunch, and the loudest. Her voice carries very well.

Here's the video of them singing. Soooo cute.