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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Family Fun

We've been doing so much more stuff as a family lately. It's been wonderful. We got hung up there for a bit and life seemed to keep us all a part from one another. Hard to believe how much time preschool takes. And of course, there's my little at home job of keeping another child. I do love Petra, but they are moving and although I am very sad that Cayden is losing a playmate, probably his best friend, I am excited about the new embarkment of being a stay at home mom again. My digital scrapbooking design business is really taking off. That's not to say that the extra money from keeping Miss P won't be missed, but the relationship we have with her will be missed more than anything else. You know that your son loves someone when he wakes up in the morning asking for "Baby" as he has named Miss P. Here they are being little bunnies. And please know that as much as I try to keep Cayden's clothes on him, sometimes it's near impossible.
And as much as Hannah doesn't want to admit it, she's going to miss Miss P as well. There are moments when the rule of threes comes into effect, and Hannah wants to play dress up. I must admit that it is not fun to play dress up with your baby brother or your dogs (yes, she's tried to dress up our pets). At any rate, come the 1st of May, we're going to have to plan some frequent playdates for both children to get over the Miss P withdrawl. And I'm sure that we'll schedule some weekend playdates with Miss P herself. When was the last time I posted??? Have I talked about dyeing Easter eggs? Oh what an experience. Never try to dye eggs with 2 toddlers and a four year old. Cayden tried to drink the blue dye, getting it all over his only been worn once outfit. Thankfully, I immediately undressed him and placed it under cold water. Either the dye has really changed since I was a kid or cold water is the answer to everything, because the outfit was saved!!!! Hannah was the only one who enjoyed dyeing the eggs, but we all enjoyed eating them.

Easter was so much fun. Thursday was the Pre-K egg hunt at school. Hannah and her class had sooo much fun. I think the mommies had just as much fun as well, except that this mommy forgot to put on sunscreen and ended up burnt to a crisp. The best part about watching the kiddos find eggs was that they each had to find 12 eggs with their names on them. It was really neat to watch them help their friends find their names, meaning they are recognizing and reading at least the names of their classmates :)

I'll write more about Easter in another blog. Regardless, we had fun!!!


Stephanie (schock77) said...

Rose- I love the new look of your blog! I know you'll be sad to see Petra go, but it'll be nice to have more time too. I hope all is well... give the kids a kiss!