Pieces of Me

Saturday, March 15, 2008

FUN-tastic Friday

This past Friday was a day filled with fun for the kiddos. We started off the day by spending the morning in the backyard. They had so much fun running around, but I could tell they were starting to get bored, so I offered to buy Mammaw lunch in return for a ride to "Jason's Deli Park" as Hannah calls it. We had lunch at Jason's Deli and then played at The Grove for 30 minutes. Mimi and Alexander even joined us for a little bit. It was a lot of fun!

Cayden crawling through the tunnel.

Spinning the wheel.

Alexander - sooo cute!

Petra, on the turtleCayden, playing the drums!
Petra on the slide

Afterwards, we came home, and I put the babies down for their nap. Boy, they were exhausted!! They both slept for about 2 hours while Hannah had some downtime in her room.

Once they were awake, I suggested playing in the backyard again. But this time, I set up our beach ball sprinkler and let the kids go to town. They had a BLAST. It was 95 degrees outside so the cold water felt soooo good to them.

And then, we came inside and had a snack, and the kids them played in the playroom until Petra's mom arrived to take her home. Once Stephen came home, we had supper, and then together, as a family, we walked up to the school playground up the street. The kids had a lot of fun. It was a great time watching the two of them play together and separately.

And then, after our evening of fun at the park, we ended it with ice cream from Amy's. What a perfect end to a FUNtastic day!!