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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good Friday

I told you I'd blog more about Easter a little later. This year was lots of fun. Watching my kids interact with not only their friends but also their cousins as just so awesome for me. As much as I'm sad that they are growing up, I love that they are now little people who play and run and love unconditionally. Kids are awesome - they get in trouble, they get over it. There are no grudges, even with Hannah's age. It's awesome and reminds me of how much God loves me. He never holds a grudge, and I am soooo thankful!!

Okay, photos from Good Friday. We may have to split all this up into days. Hannah had a blast with her friends in the morning and then her grandparents and cousins in the afternoon. It was just an overall fun day, regardless of mommy going home with Cayden and taking a nap. The allergy forecast was unbelievable.
And Hannah got a new bicycle this weekend. She is really getting the hang of bike riding and thankfully, Miss D brought her bike and they were able to ride their bikes together.
I also kept Crystal's little girl, Miss K, today. She had a good time as well. I think she was bored t times, but Hannah always made sure to include her (that I'm aware of)

So there you have it. They had lots of fun on Good Friday. Officially day 2 out at the park. One more day at the park and then lots of fun on Easter Sunday, my very favorite day of the year!!


KJ said...

These are great pictures. Reminds of lots of fun times at that park. Thanks for sharing.