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Monday, April 14, 2008

I am Jesus' Little Lamb

Beautiful Savior has started a Children's Choir. Hannah has been going to church with my mom for the past couple of years. The Well doesn't meet in the mornings so we allow her to go with Mom. She really enjoys it and I think that Mom enjoys the time she gets with Hannah without Cayden. Every once in a while, the children's choir sings during the service so we will attend that morning to hear Hannah sing.

This past week, Pastor was out of town, so my dad led the service. He had the kids sing a song. It was soooo cute! Here's the video clip:

Now, the last week was full of so much activity that I ran myself exhausted. Saturday started with a birthday party and ended with supper at Chuy's with my uncles (the twins) who came to a visit. There was also a baby shower, hair appointment, trip to the zoo, and trip to the Strawberry patch. And this was all before Tuesday! Thankfully this week is a slower week. We did take Cayden to the park and over to see Grandpa on Saturday afternoon while Hannah spent some time with Grandma and her cousins.

Birthday Party

KaviBday (18)

KaviBday (50)

KaviBday (69)

KaviBday (63)

Stacy's Baby Shower

StacyShower (20)

StacyShower (36)

San Antonio Zoo

zoo 019

zoo 053

zoo 054


Sweetberry Farms




The kids with Uncle Kevin and Uncle Kenny