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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Life has been incredibly busy in the McIntyre Household.  You'd like without having Miss P to keep an eye on, I'd have more free time, but we have just been running like mad.  This coming week is Hannah's last full week of Pre-K.  Her Pre-K Graduation is on Tuesday, May 20th.  I'm still in shock and very emotional over this milestone in her life.  I'm sure by Kindergarten, I will be a complete basketcase.

Stephen took last week off.  It has been really nice having him home with me, but with him home, housework was put aside and we had lots of family time.  So this weekend, we have been cleaning like there's nothing else to do.  Yes, on Mother's Day, I scrubbed the kitchen floor and completely vacuumed the living room (after cleaning it up).  Thankfully, it is now nice and clean and the week will be off to a great start.  We also got a new refrigerator this weekend.  And although we measured it precisely before purchasing it, we did not take into account that the kitchen cabinets were installed crooked so quite a bit of maneuvering had to be done (including shortening our countertops and moving over the store and cabinet) before the fridge could be properly installed.  Thank goodness for Grandpa!!!  We now have an awesome fridge and a very clean kitchen (that'd be my part of the installation).

We also have started the Kindergarten Registration Process.  Hannah will not be attending the neighborhood school.  We were very unhappy, disappointed, and uncomfortable with our experience that her assigned school so we found a wonderful school up the road from Grandma and Grandpa's house and have started the transfer process.  We've met with the principal and have been told that Hannah is welcome to attend Kindergarten at the new school, so now we just have to complete the formal transfer process.  Right now our transfer request have been put into the appeal process and will be approved when the principal receives a phone call asking whether or not Hannah is welcome at the school.  I'm so thankful to have already gone and met the principal and spoken with her about our concerns.  This has been such a blessing.  And the new principal is a wonderful administrator.

So aside from life as we all know it, Stephen and I, along with J & E, walked in the March for Babies on Saturday, and we're all feeling the aches from all that walking.  But I know I can do it, so I'm very determined to start a fairly intense exercise routine and finally get this baby weight off.   And our team raised $405 for the March of Dimes which is totally awesome!!!

Mother's Day Weekend has been pretty amazing for me.  Grandma and Grandpa kept the kids overnight on Friday, allowing Stephen and I to have a little alone time and to go to the Walk w/o our kids traipsing behind us.   They would not have made it through the morning.  It was insane.  After the walk, we came home and showered and then Stephen had scheduled a Mother's Day Massage for me.  It was heavenly.  And then the kids gave me Lamme's Chocolate Covered Strawberries and a Starbucks Card (reloaded).  This morning Stephen and Cayden took me to breakfast, which ended up being free because my omelette was not fully cooked and had raw egg white in it (YUCK).  And then we took Mom to lunch and met up with Heather and Eddie.  It's been a great day.  I'm now updating my blog and going to go and read my book club book, Pigs in Heaven, by Barbara Kingsolver.

Before Breakfast w/ Cayden


After Lunch w/ Mom

And from my Hannah Girl early this morning (I made her sing it again!)