Pieces of Me

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hannah's PreK school year is coming to an end.  On Tuesday we will celebrate PreK Graduation and End of Year program.  Wednesday is the End of School Year Party, and then School's Out for Summer.  I don't know how excited Hannah or I am about this event.  What I do know is that play dates will be plentiful, and the learning will continue throughout the summer.  We will also be getting used to a new bedtime and morning routine come mid-summer.  Elementary School starts really early in the morning compared to PreK so we will all have to start going to be earlier so we can wake up and have breakfast together.

Hard to believe my little girl will be going to Kindergarten.  Thankfully, we have had our transfer request approved and will be filling out the Kindergarten registration forms this week to get her enrolled at her new school.