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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer has begun

Summer vacation has officially begun here in the McIntyre Household.  And we have been busy living it up.

The last day of school was full of fun in the sun - beginning with a picnic at the park and ending at the school yard to play on a huge water slide.  The kids had a blast.  I've been harassed by my husband for not getting the Splash Day photos online quick enough (because well, you know, I have so much free time on my hands ;) )so here they are for everyone to see:

end of school 008 end of school 021

 end of school 026 end of school 030

end of school 032

And for graduation, Hannah received $5 from her Mimi and Uncle Eddie (thanks, Mimi and Uncle Eddie!)  She also received a balloon and a flower but the $5 was very exciting for her.  She got to go to the store and pick out something to purchase.  She chose this Hannah Montana Body Paint and Tattoo Kit.

And she decided to paint not only herself, but her baby brother.  Please ignore the insane mess in the background.  The first day of summer was very rough on us all.

retreat 002

School was our on Wednesday.  Thursday morning we hit the Austin Children's Museum with Mimi and Alexander for Storytime and Sing-A-Long with Stacy Gray, a local children's artist. 

retreat 006

retreat 013 retreat 014

retreat 017 retreat 021

retreat 025 

We are amidst Potty Training at our home.  Cayden is showing some interest (okay he likes to go potty for M&Ms but I'm not going to discourage it!)  So I got this photo Thursday evening after I fell out of the already broken chair in our backyard and bruised my tailbone and strained my shoulder.  Mammaw came over to help me before Stephen got home.  Mammaw put Cayden in big boy pants and then he put the Darth Vadar mask and the photo op was there!

retreat 038

Friday we went over to the Lamberts for a morning of fun outside.  This was of course after my emergency chiropractor appointment.  Dr. Felder opened her office just for me so if you live in the Georgetown Area and need a chiropractor, I highly recommend this amazing woman!

Photos from our play date:

retreat 044 retreat 063

retreat 059 

Over the weekend, we attended the Well Summer Retreat at Camp Lone Star.  It was truly amazing and so uplifting. 

Our family is very blessed to be a part of this Body of Christ.


The two youngest attendees.

retreat 036 retreat 044

The Little Girls of the Well

retreat 003

I've got more to blog about, but I'll save that for another day.