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Thursday, June 26, 2008

For Mammaw

Mammaw has been visiting GG and PapPap for the past two weeks.  We know she's having a great time, but Hannah really misses her Mammaw.  She keeps asking me, "When is Mammaw coming back?"  Time means nothing to her so I just tell her in a few days.  Of course, now we're actually counting down days.  Thank goodness for calendars!! 

Tonight was the VBS Program at Bethany.  Hannah was very concerned that Mammaw wasn't going to be there to see her sing and dance, so I took this video to show Mammaw.  Of course, I couldn't find my camera before we left (totally unlike me) so I had to use the camcorder on my phone.  I think it did a great job.


And this one is of Amanda for Kim -



Here are the photos I got with the camera -

I don't have any idea who they are looking at here!


Poor Darby - she moved at the last minute. If you look closely, Julianna is right behind Hannah.



Shaunna said...

First, your phone takes video!?!? Wow! That's impressive :)
Second, she is so stinkin cute!! You are going to be so grateful for that video when she's 12 ;)