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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, dear Grandpa!

First things first - today is my mom's, Mammaw, birthday.  She's in Pennsylvania and we called her this morning to wish her Happy Birthday, but Happy Birthday, Mommy!  Now come home!!


Grandpa Ernie turned 60 this past Thursday.  We had a birthday party for him on Sunday afternoon.  It was a great group of people who stopped by for lunch and some fun and games.  Yep, I said games.  Daniel and Stephanie brought over the Wii and the family had a blast golfing, bowling, and playing tennis.  Did we play anything else?  Oh, yes, baseball and boxing.  Cara and I went head to head there for a bit, but she knocked me out, and tomorrow we will both be feeling the burn.  REMATCH, Cara.  That's all I have to say!!!  Here's a video and some of my photos from the day.  I did not take very many, but I know Stephanie and Bekah did.  I hope they share with me! And make sure to pause my music on the right before playing the video!

088 089

083 094

090 092


And of course, we had another VBS that Hannah and her cousins, Tyler and Blaine, attended together this past week - Outrigger Island at Teri Road.  Here are some photos from the Family Program on Friday evening as well as a short video.


007 021

013029  035038

And of course, just a couple of Mr. C (who is potty training - YAY!) being silly.




Ryan said...

cute pics - I can't get the video to load tonight... I'll have to try again tomorrow.
I had so much fun playing today too! I'll see if I can get the pics loaded tomorrow afternoon during nap!
Thanks for sharing!

KJ said...

Looks like Ernie had a GREAT birthday. You all looked so happy and I bet it was oodles of fun!

It's so wierd to think that my Dad would have been 60 this past September. I never knew they were so close in age.