Pieces of Me

Friday, June 27, 2008

Transforming the Playroom

We have been talking about changing the playroom since we bought the house.  Sam's had an incredible sale on their foam tiles so we bought enough for the entire playroom (and possibly Cayden's room) about a month ago.  I don't know how many of you remember what the playroom/laundry looked like previously, but it had this ugly brown shag carpet (I know my mother-in-law is reading this - face it, it's UGLY!  LOL).  Well, I started the project this week of removing the carpet and lying down the foam tiles.  I know we probably should have removed the entire carpet but if I waited to do that, I'd be waiting until the end of the year so little bits a time, I've been removing the carpet with an exacto knife and crowbar (for the carpet tack) and putting down the pieces.  I'm half way through and it is sooo cute.  We're hoping that Grandma or Mammaw might watch the kids for us one Saturday morning so we can finish the job.  Here's what I had to start with -

Picture 050

And here's what I've finished so far, and yes, we own half of the Little People collection and that, my friends, is Little People Land.


See how CUTE it is!!  Stephen has to help me pull of carpet on the left side as it is over a step and then we'll have to do some maneuvering so get it to fit, but it is going to be awesome!  The kids love it already!!

So when I'm not scrapping or stamping, I've been working in the playroom.  Of course, I could be paying attention to the pile of laundry on the otherside, but I feel the floor was more productive!