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Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's finished!

The playroom floor is finally installed!  Stephen and I finished it this evening.  I'm SOOO excited.  The only part we have left is the closet in the far corner, and that in itself is going to be interesting so in all other aspects, the playroom floor is finished!!  Our next goal is to paint it in Primary colors and then we will be completely done with the playroom (aside from figuring out to do with the massive amount of toys that our kids don't need).  Here are the final photos.  And yes, we know our kids have an obscene amount of toys.  And to be completely honest with you, I have no idea where most of them came from. 

My personal favorites are Little People Land and Elmo's garage.  Everything else has just been put into one of the many storage tubs we have in the room.  My goal at some point this week is to go through those tubs and give away some of the many toys.  LOL.  BTW, we totally love how we have a little ramp now instead of the step.  And a padded floor!  For what more could we ask?!?!

Here are the before and after photos.  I tried to take them from the same angles.  Apparently, I did not have the camera held in the same position.


Picture 051 playroom 001

Picture 050 playroom 003

Lambert BBQ 007  playroom 002

And of course, I wanted to share more Celebration photos from our weekend.  Last night, we went to the Lamberts for dinner and then watched the Circle C Fireworks Display.  The kids LOVED it.  It was loud, but they had so much fun.  Afterwards, we went back to the Lamberts for sparklers!

  Here are a few photos from our evening -

Lambert BBQ 001Lambert BBQ 007

Lambert BBQ 009 Lambert BBQ 008

Lambert BBQ 014  Lambert BBQ 018

Look at their faces!!

Lambert BBQ 022  Lambert BBQ 023

Lambert BBQ 026Lambert BBQ 027

Lambert BBQ 028Lambert BBQ 035

Lambert BBQ 038    

Lambert BBQ 051

Sparkler Fun!

Lambert BBQ 058Lambert BBQ 060

Lambert BBQ 063Lambert BBQ 064

Lambert BBQ 067     Lambert BBQ 071


Lambert BBQ 082

Happy Independence Day Weekend!!  Blessings!


Amanda said...

Great fireworks picture!! Looks like lots of good old fashioned 4th of July fun; something like you see in the movies!