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Thursday, July 24, 2008

VBS Junkies and Birthdays Galore

I do believe that is the title for children who attend more than 2 Vacation Bible Schools in one summer.  And my Hannah went to 5.  The final two were one week after another with the last ended last week.  Here are just a few photos from the two weeks.   The nice thing about these two VBS's is that Cayden got to participate.

VBS at the Well

vbs 004 vbs 008

vbs 013   vbs 015

vbs 045 vbs 050

 vbs 061vbs 076



034 VBS Tue Darby Party 005

VBS Tue Darby Party 012 VBS Tue Darby Party 058    

And our summer would have been complete without celebrating our closest friends as they turned FIVE years old!!!  And Cayden got to celebrate with Helen as she turned 2.


033 047075034

Savannah's Party

party and park 007party and park 004

 party and park 008party and park 025

Going Bananas at Steven's birthday party (and no, they would not take a picture with Steven.


Celebrating with Sydney

birthdayparties 009

birthdayparties 019    

Darby - I did not get very many photos.  This was a very long day for our families.

VBS Tue Darby Party 068 

This is the ONLY photo I got of the three girls.

VBS Tue Darby Party 085

VBS Tue Darby Party 072  VBS Tue Darby Party 070

But we did have a tea party and got a great photo of the three of them together



Happy Summer!!!