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Sunday, August 24, 2008

And the award goes to . . .

my dear sweet hubby for Husband of the Year!!  As many of you know, I kept a boatload of children this week at my home.  And I do not believe I complained twice.  Once, I'm sure of. . . I was very tired, but I'm fairly certain, I just went with it and attempted to keep everyone happy.  And I did have a great week with the girls and Cayden.  It was lots of fun.  But it was exhausting. 

We've been planning on going out of town since June.  Uncle Les turns 50 next week.  He and Stephen share a birthday.  About midweek I decided the trip probably wasn't the best idea of our family.  I am very nervous about school starting tomorrow and want tonight's routine to be as close to normal as possible.  Plus, Ms. Molly was having a baby revealing party, and she actually called me and left a message stating that if I wasn't there, I didn't get to find out until I saw her, which could have been a while.  Well, instead of the whole family staying home, Stephen  suggested he take the kids to Jacksonsville and I stay home alone for all day Saturday and part of the day Sunday.  And that's what we did.  I was going to spend some of yesterday cleaning, but I decided against that so yes, my house is a mess,  but I am one very relaxed and rested woman.  Here's an outline of my day:

* Get up with family, help pack, get kids fed

* Send family on their way - lots of hugs and kisses and repeated hugs and kisses

* Attend a SpeedScrap Chat online at 9 am.  Wanna see my layout? This was a challenge for me.  We had to use the kit Urban Solitude, and I was having issues with trying to figure out how to make this kit childlike.


* Walk with Buster - we are still looking for Sparky. :(

* Massage at 12:30 pm - best massage of my life.  Alex from Massage Harmony, thank you soooo much.

* Lunch at Central Market - Basil Pesto, Artichoke, Mushroom, and Olive Pizza on thin crust - AMAZING.

* Bra shopping at Nordstroms - no more nursing bras!!!

* Ran some other errands - dog food, small gift for Ms. Molly, and treat from Starbucks

* Rest and relax at home for a couple of hours.  I scrapped a few more pages:

cayden2 waiting

* Revealing party at Molly and Shannon's - It's a SURPRISE. . . mum's the word here.  I know, but I'm not telling :)

* Walk with both dogs - this was not fun at all and towards the end a big dog tried to attack us - owner was a little slow to react, but I'm ticked that the dog wasn't on a leash.  Grrrrr.

* Wished kids Good Night over phone.  Went and got a coke and cookies from McDonald's - just a little treat

* Bed pretty late, but nothing planned for tomorrow except to figure out how to get Buster in to get his nails trimmed, OUCH.


So there you have it.  I'm thinking of going to a movie but haven't quite decided.  I may just sit here in my PJs all day.  I need to get to the grocery store to get Hannah her favorite lunch items for this week and to pick up the ingredients for tonight's menu item for church.  Thinking of baking a tart. 

At any rate - I think my hubby's the best.  This was my first time away from my kiddos in a very long time - ever if you count that they are actually not in Austin.


Traci said...

Rose Anna ~ I'm glad you got some much needed R&R. I know that the couple of times I have left Natalie with Zane to go out of town to Washington for a long weekend, it has felt so ODD. I've enjoyed it and come back feeling great, though.

Sorry I missed your call this weekend! Glad that things are going well . . . call me tomorrow if you want to chat. If not, post pictures (I trust that you will anyway).

HUGE hugs to you both ~ and BLESS YOUR HEART for making a lunch! :-] That was one thing I told Natalie I will NOT do. I know, bad mommy.


Shaunna said...

I'm a big believer in the "Mommy time out" .. Glad to see you're taking full advantage of your time to yourself! You'll be in great shape to start such a big week!