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Monday, August 25, 2008

K is for Kindergarten

This morning went surprisingly well.  We went to bed early last night.  I had everything packed - lunch, backpack, and school supplies.  We hung Hannah's first day of school outfit on her shelf so it would be "nice and fresh" first thing this morning.  Hannah was put in bed at 7:50 pm but she was soooo wired that she didn't fall asleep until 8:45 pm.  That was very frustrating for this mommy, but I know that she will be exhausted this afternoon and sleep will come easily.

I was up by 6:15.  Hannah got up at 6:30 and had breakfast, a nice warm waffle.  We brushed teeth, got dressed, and straightened her hair.  Then we woke up brother and all of us headed out the door.  Daddy took the truck and met us at Joslin. 

There were no tears this morning.  I did well up a couple of times but was able to hold it together.  After taking Hannah to her classroom, we helped her find her seat and hang up her back and then we left before the tears could begin.  Of course, there was the reassuring that Mommy would come back and pick her up in the afternoon.

Here are our photos from this morning -


This photo is actually from Friday afternoon.  Here is Hannah with her teacher, Mrs. Degon.  I know that Hannah is going to do supremely well this school year.  And in fact, you can visit Hannah's Blog throughout the year to read about things from her perspective.  Totally stealing this idea from Traci and Natalie.

There are actually nine students registered in Hannah's class.  I'm sure they will get a few more kiddos, but because Joslin has a larger ratio of special needs and deaf students, they are able to keep their class numbers lower than other schools.


Now onto the photos from this morning.DSCN0807_edited-1



Here Hannah is in her 1st day of school outfit.  She chose out the dress and capri leggings (that she insisted on pulling down as pants).  In this photo, she's standing hunched over like a "turtle, because this backpack looks like a turtle's shell." 






And here she is, standing up straight for us all to see.  She's holding a bunny I got her on Saturday while she was in Jacksonville. 

Please don't mind the small mess, don't we all keep a bathroom scale, laundry detergent, and Little Swimmers at our front doors?  Never got to that cleaning I had intended on doing this weekend.  LOL  The living room is clean.  Really, it is.



Here we are all buckled up and ready to leave the house.  Remember, Hannah is not going to her assigned school.  We had her transferred because of the treatment we received at her original school.  Hannah riding across town every morning with either daddy or me. 



Here's a photo of Hannah, Daddy, and Cayden walking into the building.  What I love about Joslin is that one of their school entrance leads right into the cafeteria so the kids can be dropped off or walked right into where they need to be every morning.  Pick up is the same.



Here's a photo of Hannah and her new friend, Miss C.  Don't they both look so excited to be at Kindergarten?  I know they are going to be great friends, but neither one of them wanted me to take their photo together this morning. 


And finally, a photo of Hannah right before we said goodbye for the morning.  After this photo, I went over, gave her a kiss, took her play-doh out of its back and smushed it.  This way, she was distracted from my leaving and was able to focus on playing with playdoh.   I cannot wait to hear about her first day of school. 


Unknown said...

What a big girl you are Hannah! And I'm so proud of mommy for not crying hysterically. hahaha. I'm sure I will be bawling my eyes out when Cade goes to Kindergarten. I can't wait to hear about her first day!

Traci said...

Woo Hoo ~ Glad it was a successful morning!! I'm so glad you're happy with her class/school!! Can't wait to see Hannah's entry!! XO

Shaunna said...

Congrats to you! I totally cried both times the girls went off to Kindergarten and probably will tomorrow when my baby goes to high school!

Florida_Mom said...

Yeah Hannah! Hope you had a wonderful first day of school.

Anonymous said...

Way to go big girl! I can't believe you and Allison are in Kindergarten already. I just made our post about our big day too. I can't wait to watch you learn and grow this year. You will have so much fun.