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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reflections of FIVE Part 3

First of all, bedtime is going much smoother now.  She does kick and scream.  There are no tears.  Her prayers consist of  Dear Jesus, Please be with me while I sleep.  I want to dream about princesses. Thank you for . . . " It's nice.  2 Stories, 2 kisses, CD.  And if she's still awake when it's over, one of us goes in to tuck her in and stay with her.  Doesn't take her long to fall asleep.  Thank you.  Next week we are starting the up at 6:30 bit.  Guess I'll need to go to bed before midnight.

It's so hard to believe that this little girl of mine was once so small and fragile.

Do you remember her when she was this small? 



I know, it's okay to get out the Kleenex.

And then she turned ONE


When did that happen?  And how she's. . . . turning. . . . we'll reflect later :)

Okay, I know many are dying to see the birthday party photos.  We decided to have a small party for Hannah and two best friends and cousin and then have a BIG party the weekend of her birthday.  Family and friends will gather in our backyard for food, fun, and water play - INFLATABLE WATER SLIDE (thank's Aunt Bekah) and Beach Ball Sprinkler.  It's going to be a fun party.  HOT, but fun.

Back to Libby Lu.  The girls were SOOOO excited. Here's Hannah before we left.  She was running all around the house acting like a wild child.

 Hannah's Birthday 019

And the fun begins -

Hannah's Birthday 042

Hannah's Birthday 043

Hannah's Birthday 055 Hannah's Birthday 062 Hannah's Birthday 060Hannah's Birthday 068

Movie Star Brandi and Princess Hannah Montana

Hannah's Birthday 059

Princess Hannah Montana

Hannah's Birthday 063

A Movie Star and Princess Rock Star

Hannah's Birthday 066 Hannah's Birthday 069

Princess Rock Star and Princess Hannah Montana (CHEESY GRINS)

Hannah's Birthday 073

And our special performance

Hannah's Birthday 082 Hannah's Birthday 080


Hannah's Birthday 087 

And part of our day was to go over and get photos made of the girls together.  This was my favorite part of the day.  And I created a Scrapbook Page to document it already.  I know, I'm insane.  It was done that night.  LOL


More reflections of five to come (actual reflections)