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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Reflections of FIVE, part 4

As I sit here and type this while Hannah is sleeping soundly next to me - a rare occurrence, Hannah napping - I am remembering our life together, before Cayden.  When Hannah turned 2, we decided to add to our family.  And that we did, but preparing for baby brother with Hannah was so much fun.  She was very excited to learn that she was going to be a big sister.  But that did not take away from the fun that we had together.  Of course I remember Hannah taking her first steps and saying her first words.  I remember all of the annoying sicknesses we dealt with before she had her tonsils and adenoids removed.  But mostly I remember how sweet she was and how cute she could be. 

Do you remember. . . . .

"Hi there!" At 11 months, she was saying this to everyone.  Completely adorable.

"How you be? What you do?  Where you go?" Her favorite things to ask everyone...over and over again.

"You're the best." Something she picked up and said to me.

"I do not like the Easter Bunny. . . . Santa SCARES me!"

"That's Auntie Heather."  "No, that's Mimi."  "No, that's Auntie Heather."  "That's Mimi.  MIMI MIMI MIMI. "  Guess what?  It's Mimi.

"Shake my booty at you."

"I tooted, it's stinks, you smell it?" (Although it sounded more like "I tooted, it tinks, you pell it?")

Eating peanut butter out of a tube (Thanks Papa)

Brown Coke - Hannah wasn't allowed to have it.  We allowed her to have Green Coke, Pink Coke, Orange Coke (Flavored Sprite).

Tick Tock on the Wall.

The photos -


2years 2years1

Two and a half

2andhalf 2andhalf1

A big sister


Three and Four

3years 4years

And family fun


And tomorrow you will be FIVE


Shaunna said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Hannah!!

Five years sure does pass quickly!! Realizing how fast time flies just makes you appreciate them that much more :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday big girl. Your CA friends send you big warm fuzzies and special friendship hugs. Hope you have a blast this weekend, can't wait to see pictures. And Mommy....its ok to be sappy and teary, 5 is very hard....they just are not supposed to grow up this fast.