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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reflections of FIVE - Part 5


And we have survived - two birthday parties and a whole day dedicated to our sweet little princess.  Believe me, at times we dealt with super grumpy, unwilling to share, rude, stubborn, and self centered, but enough about the Mommy (ha ha ha).  She actually had a great time turning five.  And of course, she's asked me, "So do I go to Kindergarten on Tuesday?"  Oh boy. . . fun stuff.  I wonder if I can survive two full weeks of , "And now is it time for Kindergarten?"

I am very blessed to have Hannah in my life.  God couldn't have given me a better daughter.  She's sweet and loving, very caring and compassionate, very sensitive, and just the most beautiful girl I've ever known, both on the inside and outside.  I am blessed to call her my daughter, and i love her very much!

Photos from her DAY -DSCN0082


Keep your eyes closed, Hannah.  Don't open them until Mommy says it's okay.  We have a big surprise for you!




DSCN0083Hooray for 1/2 off!  Now she has "just want I've always wanted!"  And just want Mommy and Daddy have always wanted too, I guitar that not only sings, but also a microphone that will have her voice on top of Hannah Montana's.  Oh why did we get her this?  LOL!  Because she LOVES it.  Hooray for Libby Lu - this was $20 :)





Brother got Hannah a beautiful dress (from Sam's for $4.81).  Doesn't he have great taste.  Hannah insisted on wearing this dress for most of the day - until her picture outfit.








An early morning concert.  She couldn't wait to try it out!



We met Julianna and William for a birthday lunch.  The girls share a birthday so this was lots of fun for them.  Mimi came with cupcakes and presents.

DSCN0116 DSCN0119


After lunch, we came home for a nap and waited for Daddy to come home.  Then it was off to our annual Birthday Trip to Build-a-Bear.  (For those who don't know, we take each kiddo to BAB to create a bear that has a voicebox in it that says, "My name is . . . and I'm . . . . "  So we have one from each year.

DSCN0125 DSCN0132


And birthday dinner - at the California Pizza Kitchen (Hannah's choice)


The day ended with photos at Picture People (another tradition).  Here's our gorgeous 5 year old!
hannah5b   hannah5c


That's about it!  Photos from the birthday party this weekend coming soon.