Pieces of Me

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time with Good 'Ole Friends

On Saturday evening, we went down to the Ohlendorf River Place to spend some time with Leah and Greta before they headed back to Colorado.  This week has just been wonderful getting to spend some extra time with them.  Leah and I have been friends since elementary school.  I think she's my longest known friend and regardless of how much our lives have changed, we are still great friends.  I got a photo of all of us at Miss Greta's baptism and then one of my kiddos with Greta.  I LOVE this photo!!!


And on Sunday, we had breakfast with the Whalen family (and Michael & Leslie).  I've also known Amy since elementary school and she is actually Hannah's godmother.  We reconnected at her wedding several years ago and have attempted to get our families together a couple times a year (they live in Pearland, Texas).  Anyway, they came up for Hannah's birthday and then we had breakfast with them on Sunday.  And although I didn't get any photos of us together, I did get a couple of our kiddos so I thought I'd share them as well.

This is Sam.  He is the most beautiful baby boy I know (beside my boy!).

014 020

And these are our girls who are 6 months apart.  Sooo cute!


I am so blessed to have such wonderfully faithful friends.