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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And she needs glasses

Shouldn't be a big deal, right?  But for some reason, I am very, very sad about this.  I got glasses in 2nd grade.  I remember getting them.  I remember wanting them and getting them.  And then, I remember hating them, forgetting to wear them, begging for contacts, etc.  To this day, I don't wear my glasses.  Of course, a few years ago, I was told to wear them when I needed them.  As a child, I had to wear them to see the board in school.  I still don't remember wearing them all the time.  I do not have a single school photo of me in my classes expect for the 2nd grade class picture. 

At any rate, she did not pass the vision screening at school so we made an appointment to get her eyes checked.  Turns out, she has an astigmatism in both eyes and will need to wear her glasses all the time.  But she's really excited about them, so I'm attempting to save face and be excited, too. 

I just feel like  little bit of a failure.  How did I not know she was having a hard time seeing things?  Why didn't she come to me?? 

I do have an adorable photo of her in the dialation glasses they gave her, but the camera is in the other room.  She won't get her glasses until next week, but I will have her model them for her once we get them.

She's taking it better than me.  Let's just hope I can get used to the idea that she needs them and start to get excited about how excited she is. 


Shaunna said...

If it makes you feel any better, Nicole is 14 and I JUST had her eyes checked. See my blog for details ;)

Anonymous said...

I remember going thru' this many years ago and your words perfectly reflect my feelings. Christine was only 21 months old and the doctor said she had never seen my face. What did I do wrong (in pregnancy or???) But we were blessed with a beautiful girl and her glasses sent her speech into fast forward. Wait til she watches it rain! The little things... God Bless, she'll do great!