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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back from Paradise

Stephen and I took a long weekend away from the kids for our anniversary.  We stayed at the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch Vacation Club  in San Antonio Texas for 3 nights and 3 days.  We had a lot of fun together just being a couple.  We also were able to attempt to catch up on 5 years of sleep.  I think I may have been successful, especially after catching another hour and a half nap after getting home. 

Of course, this place is gorgeous and away from all city noise.  It's actually pretty quiet except for the squeals of excitement you can hear from all the children visiting with their parents.  This was the only part of our vacation that made me a little homesick (okay a lot homesick) for the kids.

But thankfully, their sister property, the Hyatt Hill Country is just a mile away and offers an adult only pool.  This was where we were able to slip away into a gorgeous pool and enjoy one another without the background noise of children playing. 

We had a wonderful, relaxing time with no responsibilities or obligations.  And this was the first time we have ever been away from the kids.  We are looking forward to making a trip back in the near future with the kids so they can enjoy the 800 ft River Pool and water slides. 

Photos of our room -






This is the amazing bed that Stephen and I shared.  It took a little getting used to the first night - very different from our bed.  Very firm (I call it hard).  But after our first day, this bed was a wonderful place to relax and recharge.






This is the TV that was in our room.  Not really a highlight of the room, but it was nice to have access to it last night as Stephen enjoyed the UT game on the 42" flat screen just like this in the living room.  Needless to say, Saturday evening, after dinner, the romance stopped.  LOL - I love you, honey!


Here are some photos of the rest of the condo, including the 42" flat screen that we were able to watch 2 movies (27 Dresses and What Happens in Vegas) and on what Stephen got to view the UT Game.

DSCN1242 DSCN1246

DSCN1243  DSCN1245

DSCN1239 DSCN1240

And of course, a few photos of Stephen and I together at the pool.


Celebrating 9 Years!!

honeymoon DSCN1251

September 4, 1999                                                 September 6, 2008            


We cannot wait to return to paradise with the children for a fun-filled family vacation.


Nicole H. said...

Well it looks like you had a great time. Nice! I am so envious right now. I so need some sleep. Yes, all of your trip looks divine, but sleep sounds so amazing. Glad that you got to get away! Nice to get a refresher!