Pieces of Me

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Good Dose of Un-Reality

So I am not one of the norm when it comes to TV Shows.  Yes, I do love my American Idol and every now and then do get caught up in a Reality TV Show, although my favorite of those is the original, REAL WORLD.  But other than that, I need my dose of un-Reality.  I'm talking those crazy unrealistic dramas. . . Stephen calls them the Teeny Bopper Shows.  I like to think of them as a quick way to escape from life without having to think.  In other words, it's easier on the mind than sitting down and reading a good book - which I do.  I'm reading Atonement right now.

Now that summer is over, my favorite show at the moment, Greek, is back. Yay!!  I'm so happy it's back after it's summer hiatus.  Not that I haven't been completely sucked into The Secret Life of an American Teenager.  Because well, I have.  And I am able to watch it after Hannah is in bed thanks to DVR. . . whatever did we do before it?

But the show I am most excited about (after of course, ER, as it completes is FINAL SEASON this year - whatever am I going to do??) is the new 90210.  Yes, I'm a loyal Beverly Hills 90210 fan.  I missed the 1st season, but got sucked into the crazy the 1st summer they were on w/ new episodes and watched until the wonderful wedding between David and Donna.  I found this fun site if you ever want to know anything about the original 90210 series.  But I digress. . . there is a NEW 90210 that I am so excited about I could just come out of my skin.  Not only are some of the original characters back on the show (Kelly and Brenda), but they have made some awesome connections and references to the lives of the original storyline - Hannah Zuckermann-Vasquez is one of the school's anchorpeople.  Erin Silver is on the show.   Should play out to be a very interesting show.  . and I'm looking forward to more.

I'm looking forward to my regular doses of un-reality. . . no matter how crazy I may look because I'm not busy watching Amazing Race or Survivor.