Pieces of Me

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

Hannah spent the night with Grandma last night.  Cayden was put to bed at regular time, and because it's a holiday weekend, I had the opportunity to watch the evening news instead of going to bed at 9:30 p.m.  Having a Kindergartener is a HUGE change in schedule for us.  But I digress. . . .back to news watching.

Fox 7 News at 9 (usually I watch KXAN) had a story on the Hurricane Evacuees coming from Lousisiana.  Now, I'm all for helping out people who have had to leave their homes for their safety.  It's great that Austin is able to provide a place for them to stay while they wait out the storm.  The Austin Red Cross is providing food, shelter, and essentials to these people who have come all that way to be safe.

What I am NOT okay with is watching a news story where a woman is complaing because beds are not being provided for her.  The city of Austin has opened up a place of business (the DELCO center) to hold 300 people.  Initially cots were not going to be provided because the Red Cross has had to stretch their resources statewide as well as stay prepared for whatever TS Hanna may decide to do.  This woman just kept going on and on about how she wasn't sleeping on "no floor."  How is was ridiculous for them to be expected to sleep with a blanket (provided for them) on the floor.  But the representative from the Red Cross said that during the announcement regarding the evacuations in LA the people were told to bring everything they could think of so they could be self-sufficient in the shelters. 

Apparently this wasn't the only angry woman who did not listen.  Now I must give her credit because she was evacuating from her home in the midst of a very scary moment, but she wasn't even thankful for the place she was given.  And the City of Austin stepped up and provided cots for the evacuees, but that made them have to move many people to a 2nd shelter that was not originally part of this Gustav plan because setting up cots means less people will fit in the 1st shelter.  So now we have evacuess at the DELCO center and a local high school.  And there is no information on how the two are going to effect one another tomorrow when school is in session.

I don't know about y'all, but my parent taught me that if something is provided for me free of charge and I'm unhappy with it, I need to get over it or take care of that myself.

Okay I'm over it. . . just had to rant a bit.  I wish I could find the full story online, but here's a link to the story where the City decided to help even more.