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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Evening with Friends

Last Saturday, we were invited over to dinner with the Lambert Family.  This was my first "outing" since the accident.  Stephen was worried I would overdo it, but I really wanted to get out to #1 - just get out, and #2 - see one of my best friends, and #3 - let Hannah and Cayden play with D and W.  The kids had so much fun together; in fact, my kiddos didn't want to leave.  Cayden said, "Want to sleep at W's house".  It was just darling!!

After dinner, we took a short walk around the neighborhood to give the kids the opportunity to see the fun Halloween decorations and to let Hannah and D ride their bikes.  Now D is a pro at riding (and crashing) her bike.  Hannah one the otherhand hasn't riden very often.  I think the last time she rode her bike, she wiped out because a training wheel somehow got loose.  It was pretty traumatic for Hannah (and Mommy), and she has been very reluctant to ride her bike. 

But the girls did ride their bikes, and despite a few tears, they had a lot of fun.

DSCN2103 DSCN2108

A not so happy Hannah :(



Happy Boys!



Jannie Funster said...

Great one of the Stroller Boys!

Wherever that is they are riding those bikes, looks like a perfect spot.

Glad to hear you up and about.

Kim Williams said...

Hey girl! Glad you got a chance to get out of the house and enjoy some great company. Let me know if you want to come here to get your new stuff or if you want me to bring it to you.

Hope you have a great weekend!