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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Fun


We've been having lots of fun this fall.  Cayden has been enjoying school (for the most part) and is loving creating art projects to bring home.  Here are two he did this past week in honor of Fall.  I know there will be more this week because everyone is learning about Fall this week at Noah's Ark, but these two are too cute to NOT share.  Unfortunately, Buster got a hold of the Cotton Owls Project so it's a little sad, but it's still as cute as ever.

DSCN2677 DSCN2674

We went to the Beautiful Savior Fall Carnival last week.  Cayden made his debut as Elmo and was just adorable.  Of course, my friend, Anthony, thinks that it looks like Elmo ATE Cayden, but I think the costume is totally cute and very special since Grandma made it and both Ryan and Cayden have now worn it for a Halloween.


Sleeping Beauty   DSCN2270 DSCN2260DSCN2262

Hannah has been pretty busy creating some Fall/Halloween things as well.  She made this adorable little pumpkin with her Aunt Stephie last week while we were shopping for a new car.  I saw this craft on Kim Wresh's Blog a few weeks ago and was all set to do it with my kiddos.  We'll probably go ahead and still make  a few this week while we have time.  And my preschool class is going to make them in November (minus the face).   This little pumpkin is proudly displayed on our entertainment center as a part of our fall decor.  It's just soooo cute.


And a couple of weeks ago, Aunt Stephie had the idea to create Tie-Dyed Pumpkin Shirts.  This ended up being an all day ordeal, but the outcome was just amazing, and she and Aunt Bekah even thought to include my kids by creating them their very own shirts.  Of course, Hannah requested hers have lips instead of a mouth so that's what she got!  It even has eyelashes!  Too cute!  Here's the article from Family Fun Magazine if you're interested in attempting this project yourself!

DSCN2668  DSCN2669

Here are a couple photos of the kids in their shirts.  I'll get more this week, but I wanted to show how cute they are actually on the kiddos.

And tonight, Hannah and I made some "Holy Ghosts" to hang in our bushes out front.  We visited D's home this week, and since D has some, Hannah needed some.  Thankfully, all I had to do was cut up a trash bag, stuff it with a napkin, tie it, and let Hannah draw faces on them.  They are pretty cute.


And my family attended the Concordia University Homecoming Weekend. While here, my kiddos visited the little Pumpkin Patch display the students set up for photos. While at the display, I went ahead and told my kids to take the littlest pumpkins so they thought we were at a "real" pumpkin patch. So the story of the pumpkin thieves.


Heather came along with her little friend, R, and after warming up to one another, the girls got along pretty well. There was a small kids area with Jumpy Jumps, Bubbles, Snow Cones, and Dipsy Daisy the Clown (who made us TONS of balloon animals, including ADORABLE bracelet Lady Bugs, Turtles, and Butterflies.


DSCN2591  DSCN2598


Just lots of fun this fall!!!