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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hannah's New Look

Well, we got the phone call today that Hannah's glasses were ready to be fitted and picked up.  I thought Hannah was going to come out of her skin as we drove to pick up Cayden from the sitter, and then head to the eye doctor.

But we FINALLY arrived, according to Miss Thang, and she is now the wearer of these specs, ALL THE TIME.  I wanted to see how strong her prescription was and attempted to see through her lenses, and Hannah really couldn't see things.  And when she put them on, she saw a Royal "Blue Slug Bug Truck" (PT Cruiser) and was amazed that it had some purple to it.  And of course, I cannot believe my little girl couldn't see clearly, and I had no clue, but now, she sees everything.  And looks mighty cute, if I might add.  Now, if I could only figure out the photo/flash/glare aspect of taking pictures.



I love you, Hannah girl!!


Unknown said...

Hannah looks sooooo beautiful! I love the glasses! :)

Shaunna said...

okay, those are CUTE! After our recent trip to pick out frames, I now appreciate the mass quantities and the difficulty to choose. How you managed to get this accomplished with a girl under the age of 7, I do not know! ;)

Hannah is adorable! I'm a fan :)

Jackie said...

Ohh, what a cutie patootie!!!!

amanda said...

I agree . . . she is a cutie . . . the glasses look great on her!!

I started wearing my glasses in third grade. Moved to contacts in sixth grade, and go back and forth between the two ever since.

You are NOT a bad, Mom!! She might not have even known she was having problems. That is what happened with my hearing . . . it went slowly, so I didn't even know I was having problems. Please don't feel guilty about this.