Pieces of Me

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Hate Sour Milk

You would have thought we'd learned after the first experience with exploding sour milk to not allow the kids to take their milk cups in their bedrooms.  But we are those parents who put their kids to bed with a cup of milk.  You'd have thought we would have figured it out the first time we found the horrible "dead animal" smell under our bed a few year ago that turned out to be rancid milk in it's final stages.  But no. . . we haven't.  And we haven't learned to go in every night and take the milk cup away from the child after said child is sleeping.  That would just be too involved.  My family waits until the next day to clear the milk from our children's rooms.  And in this case, we missed a cup that had somehow fallen underneath Hannah's bed.  And when Stephen went in to wake her this morning, he was hit with one of the foulest smells on the face of the earth - dying milk.  It's not even sour anymore. It's dying.  I know it's not alive, but milk can still die.

So we are in the process of airing out her room by bleaching the area (thank goodness for linoleum) and keeping her window open today (thank the Lord the weather is FANTASTIC). 

First day by myself with Cayden.  Is it terrible that I put him to nap 2 hours early?  He's so grouchy.  I can't deal with it.  And he's falling asleep in my arms, so I put him in his bed.  He's asleep already.  Poor guy. The past few weeks have been crazy for him. 

We've talked about Halloween with our kiddos.  We'll do our yearly tradition of trick-or-treating with the Lambert and Oelkers families.  Hannah is looking forward to being one of the three princesses  - Cinderella (K), Ariel (D), and Sleeping Beauty (Hannah).  W is supposed to be a fisherman, but mom says he won't even let her put the costume on him so he might be going as W this year.  Cayden is torn between the Growly Gus on Wow Wow Wubzy (where will I find a PINK monster costume??) or Cookie Monster (soooo cute).  I'm hoping for Cookie Monster, but he's in a close second as I type this note.

The drugs are still making me loopy so I might lie down here in a bit.  For some reason I'm just so tired.  I guess that's my body's way of attempting to heal.  I did manage to straighten up the living room today (which Stephen will yell at me for later), but I can't stand it being soooo messy.  A little messy is okay, but chaotic messy is not.

This afternoon I'll head up to Hannah's school to make copies, etc. for the teacher's again.  I'm happy to be well enough to get back to helping where I'm needed.