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Friday, October 10, 2008

More Accident Stuff

We received the police report today.  Since a minor (i.e. Hannah) was involved in the accident, they will not post the report online.  So we made a trip down to the police headquarters to obtain an "official crash report."  It turns out the kid (20 years old) who hit us was not intoxicated.  I'm very thankful for this.  It totally sucks that he was being "inattentive and not maintaining proper following distance," but he was not drunk.  That doesn't mean he wasn't under the influence of something, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and just say he was tired and not paying attention.  Regardless, the insurance adjuster made the declaration that our car is a total loss.  We got an offer from the Total Loss Department and are fairly pleased with the number.  We're actually getting the value of the car. 

Now we just have to figure out the rest of stuff.  Having never been in an accident before, I just don't know what to do.  So if anyone has any advice, please leave it.  We are at the moment waiting for a declaration from his insurance company saying he did in fact not have insurance.  After that, we will file through our uninsured motorist insurance.  What exactly does that mean?  We have no idea?  But what we do know is that Stephen and I have both lost time, I've been do the chiropractor 4 times, Hannah twice, for a total just this week of $300.  I go three times a week next week, and then we'll see what happens.  And of course, we still have the hospital bill. 

That being said, we took the kids to the "boop car," as Hannah calls it.  She and I were able to get inside the front of the car and sit for a bit.  There were lots of tears.  Hannah told the car "Thank you for keeping me safe.  I will miss you so much."  It was really hard for her.  That's the only car she's ever been attached to.   I feel silly, but I cried as well.  That was Stephen and my first car we bought together.  It was our first new car ever.  It was a good little car for us.  And now, at the decision of someone else - the negligence of someone else - we had to say goodbye.  We are going to miss the car.

But we are so thankful for our lives.  We are blessed.


Shaunna said...

So glad you're all okay after looking at pictures of that car!! You're very fortunate. All the details will come together as they should...

Amanda said...

Aww Rose, (((HUGS))). I haven't been licensed in insurance for a few years, but if things haven't changed, what the uninsured coverage means is that for a $250 deductible, everything will be covered. That's why they push it so hard when you buy insurance. It really is a steal with a deductible that low. At least that's how my car was filed when I had a hit and run in the mall parking lot. You should have bodily injury limits and everything on it. I'm not sure exactly how TX works, as each state has little intricacies. Unfortunately, I think if you want any reparations from the young man, you'll have to take him to court in a civil suit.

Don't forget you'll need to buy Hannah a new carseat. A small detail, but one that may have gotten lost in the shuffle. I know you're a good Mom and on top of all that though.

Hang in there. Glad it wasn't worse than it was.

Jannie Funster said...

I don't think it's silly at all to cry. You were just involved in a totalled car wreck, driving along early one morning to be slammed out of the blue. It's normal to grieve such a trauma. And I think it's good you took the kids to see the car, for closure.

I'm not sure how things work with insurance but if anybody in Austin would know, it's my hubby Jim, the Best Of Asutin car guy. If nothing else, he could give you some free advice about how possibly to proceed. His work is (512)836-9767. I think he's going in tomorrow (Monday.)

I really sucks what happened to you, but hang in there. :)

KJ said...

Rose, I lost my first ever brand new car when I was rear ended on IH35 - just before the upper and lower deck split - in 1996. It was a little white and teal dodge neon with a ram on the hood. It was awful. I was so terrified to drive on the highway again. But, driving is a big part of life and eventually, you just have to do it. It will be scary and you will spend a lot of time looking in your rearview mirror…but that too will pass with time. Take care and be safe.