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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Celebrate the Season of Christmas at Sea World

This year opted to stay home for Thanksgiving.  And because we did so, we were able to take our family to Sea World.  I was so excited because #1.  We have never gone to Sea World with just our family, and #2. I knew that Sea World would be decked out for Christmas.  It has taken me a little bit to get into the season this year.  I really enjoyed the time I've spent with my kids preparing for the other holidays, but Christmas just sounded like a lot of work with whining children.  But yesterday, my kids were amazing and had so much fun.  And today we will be putting up the tree and getting our home ready for the Advent Season.  I may go out and get a new Advent Calendar to do with our family since ours is falling apart.  But I supposed that a wooden calendar we've used since before I started teaching (so that would be 8 years) has the right to fall apart.  LOL

Anyway, on to Sea World.  We have Season Passes so when we learned we would be home this weekend, I suggested taking the kids there.  I knew the Water Park would be closed so we would be able to take the kids to nearly all the shows.  And they LOVED them!  They sang and danced and had a great time. 

AND Santa was at Sea World.  First we saw him at the Sharks, Scuba Diving.  Hannah waved at him through the glass.  It was really fun.  But then a couple hours later, he had made his way to Shamu's Candy Harbor where the kids could sit on his lap and tell him what they would like for Christmas.  And Hannah (not Cayden) sat on Santa's lap.  This is a HUGE deal.  She hasn't sat on his lap since she was 1 year old so Mommy was SOOOO excited.  And apparently Hannah wants My Little Ponies for Christmas.  I'm glad she had a talk with Santa because we had NO idea.  Now, on to the pictures:

Entrance at Sea World.  I LOVE this wreath.


Here's the photo of our family in front of the tree.  Yes, we spent money on this photo, but I absolutely love it.  I think it's a great photo of the entire family.  And a photo of Stephen w/ the kids.

scan0001 copy DSCN3898

Hannah and Cayden hanging out in the stroller (in the parking lot).

DSCN3889 DSCN3899

Feeding the dolphins. 

DSCN3895 DSCN3897

Waving at Scuba Santa and a picture with the Diamond, the Clydesdale.

DSCN3959 DSCN3990

Hannah with Shamu Santa and Santa Claus

DSCN3991  scan0002

This next photo is of Hannah and Santa talking to one another about what she'd like for Christmas.  There's also a photo of Cayden and Daddy in front of one of the many trees in park.

DSCN3995 DSCN3992

Mommy and Hannah before the Clyde and Seamore show.  And some photos from the show.


DSCN4004 DSCN4005

Daddy and the kids riding on the Spinning Paint Cans

DSCN4098  DSCN4102

Hannah, dancing to the carols in the "street"

  DSCN4253 DSCN4256


And of course, no trip to Sea World would be complete without seeing Shamu.


We hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. 




Shaunna said...

I love Sea World :) Since when does Santa go there?!?