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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hannah woke up this morning, and the first words out of her mouth were "Happy Thanksgiving!!"  When she heard that Cayden was awake, she ran into his room yelling, "Happy Thanksgiving!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!"  You'd think it's Christmas.  She was just so excited about it being Thanksgiving.  And rightly so.  We are so blessed this year.  And very thankful for all He has given us, including His grace. 

Cayden made a "Thankful Turkey" at school.  On each feather, he listed the things he's thankful for - Mommy, Daddy, Hannah, Red Baa Baa, and Food.  Hannah wrote a "I'm Thankful" book that she listed the things she's thankful for - Mrs. Degon, Mommy, My house that I live in, My daddy, Cayden.  I guess I should take my children's lead and list the things for which I'm thankful.  Of course, the list could go on and on since I have so much to be thankful for this year, but I will try and keep it short.

  • My Jesus - thank You for loving me so much that You died to save me.  You are the reason I am.  and it is my mission to love like You.
  • My husband - my sweet, adoring, wonderful husband who puts up with me daily (and that's not easy), says that I'm beautiful (regardless of my "extra padding"), and is amazing with our children.  Each and every day I grow more and more in love with him.  I am blessed.
  • My children - who love me no matter how frustrated or upset I can get.  And who remind me daily of how much I am blessed to have them in my life. 
  • My family and friends - I do not know anyone else who has such a support system.  You all amaze me.  And I love you.
  • And of course, I'm thankful for the home in which I live, my new job, that Hannah and I were not more seriously injured in the car accident, etc.  I really am blessed.

This year for Thanksgiving, we did not go to Jacksonville to spend it with the McIntyre family.  I must admit, it's a little weird, but this year has been really nice.  I actually spend Thanksgiving with my parents, something that is not typical, and also spent some time with a dear friend and her extended family.  I am most certainly blessed to have so many wonderful people with whom to share this special day.  Unfortunately, I did not get any photos with my parents (AGAIN), but I did get some photos from our dinner:


This is what the kids did for entertainment as the meal was being prepared.DSCN3867

Hannah and S watching Uncle Joel carve the turkey.  "That's really cool!!!" says S.


Cayden and K eating lunch together.  Soooo cute.


S and Hannah together as well.  Hannah said S looked so handsome in his tie.  (LOL)


Lunch with Grandpa Lowell and everyone else.  Sorry Mammaw, must have shot that photo right after you took a bite of food.  Whoopsie.

DSCN3873 DSCN3874

This next series of photos were taken right before we left the room.  Stephen had already taken Cayden out the door.  And here is Mr. S, helping himself to some pumpkin pie.  Mom was not so happy.

DSCN3877 DSCN3878 DSCN3876

And afterwards, once we got home, I had Stephen take some photos of the kids and me (very rare, I know).

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!!! 


Amanda said...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! And nope. as far as I know none of my family reads my blog. it's my place to vent. Now off to Kohl's to see if I can get a $69 Christmas tree!