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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I've got my eyes on you. . . . and the Christmas Tree

Hannah's latest antics require some laughter.  Even though she's being completely serious when she's saying it, it is very hard to keep a straight face when trying to react to her.  Lately, if we do something that she finds questionable or even kind of goofy, she looks us straight in the eyes, makes her fingers into a "V" and points her fingers first at herself and then at the "offender" and says, "You better be careful, I've got my eyes on you," kinda like that commercial for Gerber Graduates when the mom says, "Big boys do not . . . "  But she's a cutie pie. 

We did put up the tree today and got the rest of the inside of the house ready for Advent/Christmas.  Stephen will get up on the roof at some point and decorate the outside.  But for now, our house is nearly ready for Christmas.

After 5 years, I finally was able to purchase the Little People Nativity for our family.  Yes, the mess you see behind them is really there, but the house has been straightened and our tree is in that back corner.  Sometimes you have to let things get a little chaotic just so you can have some fun with your children.  Here are some photos of the kids with their new favorite Christmas toy.

DSCN4547 DSCN4548

And then on to the tree.  Stephen began to put up the tree this morning.  According to Hannah, "he put up the trunk and added all the feathers."  We didn't get finished with the decorating part until after supper with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Bekah, Uncle Roger, Tyler, and Blaine.

DSCN4550  DSCN4553

While Cayden was napping, Hannah got to put the star on the top of the tree.  But I would not allow them to put ornaments on the tree until after Cayden was awake.  Hannah was not very happy with this decision.  But finally, we were able to go through each ornament, talk about the sentimental ones and get our tree complete.  It's a very cute one if I do say so myself.



DSCN4631  DSCN4551


Amanda said...

You're tree is so cute! It's nice you let the kids decorate. I'm terrible and I decorate the big tree and they have a smaller one that they can do what they want to it.

I would like to get the kids the Little People nativity and the Christmas town sets so they leave my Nativity alone. I'm always afraid they're going to hit each other with the figures, and they're pewter. That would cause some bodily harm.

Hope you have a great weekend! Love the new templates on your blogs.

Christine said...

I too someday want to get the Little People Nativity...the time will come but not this year!

Shaunna said...

you guys are ready! I'm taking your lead and we'll be putting up our tree tonight :) Let's hope the kitties stay out!