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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prematurity Awareness Day

November 12th is National Prematurity Awareness Day!

I hope you are all wearing the purple ribbons that you received in the mail to show your support!  Please continue to wear them throughout the month of November!

What Can You Do  To Help?

Please encourage everyone you know to sign the Preemie Petition at www.marchofdimes.com/petition

Read the 2008 Premature Report Card and see where Texas ranks in comparison with other states at www.marchofdimes.com/petition

(Hint: Nobody got an “A” and only one state got a “B”)  After seeing this report card, you will definitely want to sign the petition so that we can help every baby have a healthy start in life!  Click on the state of Texas to view more details. 

What’s Going On Tonight?

Premature birth is the #1 killer of newborn babies.  Please come light a candle in honor of all babies born prematurely.  Listen to parents of a premature baby share their story and stop by the March of Dimes table to learn more about their mission and what you can do to help!

Prematurity Awareness Day Vigil

3001 S Congress Avenue

Austin, Texas 78704


St. Edward’s Seal


~Hot beverages and snacks will be served~

Visit the Family Teams Blog

Check out the Family Teams Blog at http://marchforbabiesaustin.blogspot.com/ to find more details about Prematurity Awareness Month


Amanda said...

Hey, How do you get a purple ribbon? Aaron was preemie, but just narrowily missed time in NICU by a miracle.

I hope you feel better soon ((((HUGS)))