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Monday, November 10, 2008

Under the Big Top

Sunday afternoon, my family was presented with 6 tickets to the Ben Hur Shrine Circus.  Beautiful Savior was one of the sponsors so they received 1 ticket for every child in the congregation.  I don't know how we wound up with 6 tickets, but since they were given to us, we went ahead and used 5 of them and gave one to a young couple who were standing in line for tickets at the Circus.

Now, I've been to the Ringling Brothers Circus but never to the Shriner's Circus.  This show was sooo much fun.  I've never seen a Lion and Tiger act like the one they had.  Bo the Elvis impersonating elephant was lots of fun as well as Baby Bo (which ended in a surprise).  The kids had a blast and I got photos (lots of photos - does it surprise you?).  Here are just a few of the photos that show the sheer joy on my kiddos faces.  When asked, "What was your favorite part,"  Hannah responded, "Riding the pony,"  and Cayden said, "the puppies!!" (which I got no photos of).

 DSCN3325 DSCN3333

DSCN3337 DSCN3367

DSCN3404 DSCN3456

DSCN3573  DSCN3575

DSCN3576  DSCN3578