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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Update on the home front

I haven't really given an update of sorts in a while.  Just posted about things going on in our lives.  Life has proved to be very difficult the past few months, but we are surviving and are incredibly blessed!

As everyone knows, last month, Hannah and I were rear ended in a car accident that totaled our little Cavalier.  This has been a huge adjustment for Hannah who now not only plays "Slug-Bug" in the car by also "Car Like Our Booped Car."  We play along since it's helping her heal.

She appears to have really done well in healing from her small injuries (a bit of whiplash).  I am still under treatment for my injuries but am doing so much better than expected.  I do have my moments of Foggy Brain and am still quite forgetful of some things, but I am holding my own.  My neck is looking great and the focus now is on my mid back. 

Of course, the accident injuries have been hit again because of a slip and fall I had at our local HEB.  I slipped in cooking oil (in the juice aisle).  I landed so hard on my left knee that it broke the skin.  We had X-Rays taken and there are no fractures that can be seen on x-ray.  Of course, apparently, the knee is a complicated part to the body and so there really could be some damage that won't be found for a couple of weeks.  I'm undergoing conservative therapy and relying on pain medication at night.  I wish I weren't incoherent in the evenings, but being up on my feet all day requires me to take a step back and allow Stephen to run the household at night.  That being said, aside from the constant laundry and chaos in the living room, he is doing an excellent job.  My mom came over to keep Cayden for a few hours yesterday and actually did our dishes, some laundry, and even straightened up the living room some.  We cannot thank her enough.  All I wanted was someone to listen for Cayden while he napped.  She went above and beyond.

I had the opportunity to film a dear family friend's wedding last weekend.  I hope to move into the office and start editing at some point today (after the UT game, of course).  Hard to believe that the little girl I literally watched grow up is now married.  I'm so blessed that she asked me to be a part of her day.  Here are some adorable photos I was able to get of Hannah and the other children at the wedding (including her adorable little nieces and a photo of my son "stamping" with cupcakes on the windows).

DSCN2988 DSCN2974

DSCN2965 DSCN2984

DSCN2982 DSCN2970

On this same day, in the afternoon, Carly and I gave Nickie a surprise Baby "Sprinkle."  Just something small from her friends in Austin.  I think she really enjoyed it.


DSCN2936 DSCN2937 DSCN2954 

For those who don't know, Hannah has her first loose tooth.  She's so excited and waiting patiently for it to fall out.  She cannot wait because she has been told by her Daddy that the Tooth Fairy brings "big bucks" for that first tooth.  She thinks she's getting $100.  Boy is she crazy!!

On the school front, Hannah is doing very well.  Her behavior amazes us.  For the second full month, she has stayed on "green" every day.  For everyone month on "green," Hannah gets a surprise.  This month it was the new Tinker Bell movie.  She was so excited.  Cute, movie, I might add. 

Cayden is doing better in school.  He isn't as fussy and doesn't cry for Mommy constantly.  They had a Pumpkin Patch party that I was able to attend so here are the few photos I got from it.

DSCN2793 DSCN2794

DSCN2795 DSCN2798

And here he is in his infamous Spider Hat!  Soooo cute


And lastly, I think, we went to Joslin's Math and Science Night at School.  Hannah had a lot of fun participating in the activities (even though she didn't win a door prize). 

DSCN3306 DSCN3305

DSCN3307 DSCN3314

DSCN3309 DSCN3311

Whoops, there is one more thing.  I got to visit with Leah and Geoff earlier this month.  What a blessed visit that was.  I miss Leah so much especially now that she's a mommy.  And not only did we visit, but I got to take some family photos of them, and if I do say so myself, they are pretty good!

DSCN2526 DSCN2527







Traci said...

Fun pics and update!!! You're a *much* nicer mommy than I am. Glad everyone is doing well! *T*