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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Incredibly Blessed

Advent is one of my favorite times of year.  Preparing for Christmas celebrations, attending Christmas programs, watching my children revel in the true meaning of Christmas is just amazing to me.  Yes, I do get stressed, and frustrated, and angry, but I try my hardest to keep my temper.  There are times when I lose it with others and immediately feel remorse.  And I always ask for forgiveness, especially with my kiddos, but usually with everyone.  No one deserves the temper of a stressed out mother and wife (let's not forget teacher) who is also a redhead.  What helps me remember why I ask for forgiveness is when my children tell me they forgive me and that they love me. 

It is not always easy to possess the love language of gift giving.  Especially when preparing gifts for others that are not the children in your family.  Hannah just doesn't understand why not every present we buy is not for her.  I've started doing my shopping without her and my wrapping while she's at school or asleep.  It helps keep the tantrums to a minimum, but I am still trying to manage the problem itself.  She understands that there are people in the world who have less than her.  It's the people we love and spend time with that she gets upset over the presents.  She wants everything that everyone else is getting.  And it's wearing on my nerves.  But I digress.

We have had a lot of fun this month.  Between Cayden's Christmas Program, Hannah's Winter Sing-a-Long, Sea World with the Lamberts, the Live Nativity at Park Hills, and Christmas parties, I have been reminded why I am a parent.  And to hear your five year old tell you after Pastor Kenny from Park Hills gives a message and prayer that Jesus lives in her heart and she knows it reminds me of what the Lord has entrusted me to do as a parent.  I am so blessed that God have given me the opportunity to teach my children about His love and to show His love to them.  And use me to plant the seeds of their salvation.  And I am blessed to know that the Holy Spirit did use me and her Daddy (and many others) to teach her about Him.

Okay, now to the photo craziness.  Just a glimpse into our lives prior to Christmas Break.

Our Little Angel - who totally refused to participate in the program.  That's okay, it was still awesome, and I am blessed to have been the director.

DSCN4788 DSCN4789


Our pretty little girl - with the missing tooth.


Kisses for sister.


Our Christmas Card photos.  Yes, I am going to get them sent out. 

Winter Sing - a - Long at Hannah's School

Hannah and her best friend from school.

Hannah and Mrs. D


We had a visit with Leah and Miss Greta.  Of course, it was Greta's nap time.  But I got this adorable photo of our boy.


Sea World with the Lamberts.  So much fun to go with best friends.

Hannah and D feeding a dolphin.


On the rides.

DSCN4942 DSCN4972

DSCN5006 DSCN5077

DSCN5121 DSCN5139

Christmas Trees and Santa Claus


Pretending to ride the big coaster.

DSCN5629 DSCN5632 DSCN5633

With the fake Shamu


On Journey to Atlantis.


The little girl I used to watch every day moved to Corpus.  Here's a photo of her momma and me before they moved away.


Cayden's Christmas Party. 

DSCN6100 DSCN6102

DSCN6122 DSCN6124

DSCN6134 DSCN6135

DSCN6137 DSCN6138

Hannah's Christmas Party


And a little party with K and D



Shaunna said...

so fun!! You're doing a great job of keeping focus on what's really important this holiday season :)