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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our First Family Vacation

We are on our first family vacation together since Cayden arrived.  We've not gone anywhere other than San Antonio.  We have no plans for the trip except for me to spend as much time with PapPap as possible.  And I'm so thankful we've made the trip.  I've been in denial in regards to how sick Pap really is.  He's sick.  Really sick.  There's no denying it, and I want to make the most out of the trip.  I sat down this evening and played the piano for him.  He's always played the piano, and since getting sick, he hasn't been able to play.  The chemo has really knocked him down.  I'm thankful to be here and have this time with him.  Heather and Eddie arrive tomorrow.  Although our trip will be shorter than theirs, it will be time well spent.

But before we were able to leave for our trip, we had a wedding to attend.  James and Jennifer were married on Saturday.  The wedding was beautiful; the reception was loads of fun; and Hannah was a trip.


With mommy's help, Hannah led the guests in the Cupid Shuffle.  It was so much fun.  Even Grandma joined in the fun.

The next morning, we got up bright and early and headed towards Nashville.  Cayden and Hannah were not very happy once the sun came up. 


But we kept trucking along.  Here are a few notes I took during the trip -

1.  There are NO Starbucks between Dallas and Memphis if you fall asleep before TexArkana.  This is NOT a good thing for someone who enjoys her Skinny Vanilla Lattes a little too much.  The GPS would map out the locations and they would be closed.  We did find one when we got into Memphis.

I put my purse in the backseat for part of the trip.  I don't know how long it was back there before I turned around to find this:

DSCN8597 DSCN8602

I'm a big track your trip girl - I love to take photos of us crossing the state lines - but I missed the Tennessee sign.  I did get the Welcome to Memphis sign. And a big pyramid??

DSCN8596 DSCN8595

Our trip ended in Nashville.  We stayed at the Hyatt Place Opryland.  It was wonderful and just a few blocks from the Gaylord so we unloaded the children and took a walk to the Gaylord Opryland.  Boy was Hannah impressed.  First she said, "Mommy, I think OUR hotel is where princesses must stay."  And then, once we were at the Gaylord, she said, "Oh mommy, this hotel is WAY fancier than ours."  Here are some photos I took from our visit to Nashville.

And this is Hannah's "Elvis face"  She said, "Thank you, thank you very much little Momma"


I also tried my hand at some photos of the flowers at the Gaylord.

The second leg of our journey felt so much longer.  Maybe it was because we got up later.  I don't know, but by the end of the trip, I was ready to be here. 

I missed the sign into Ohio - we just didn't see one.  I was pretty depressed. :( We ate at White Castle for lunch.  Someone please explain to me the appeal of this place?  It was disgusting.  Ugh.

DSCN8636 DSCN8637

DSCN8648 DSCN8654 DSCN8659

I will try to get more photos during our trip.  I really want one of the kids with PapPap, but we'll just have to see how he's feeling.  Have a great Spring Break!