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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The rest of our trip

Our trip home was loads of fun.  I still cannot believe how well behaved a 5 and 2 year old can be in a car for 10+ hours a day.  Call me crazy, but my kids did better than me. 

On our way to Memphis we ran into a dinosaur.


Cayden was so tired, he snoozed for part of the drive.

DSCN9136 DSCN9137

The sign I missed on the way to PA -


They were so well behaved on the trip to Memphis, we decided to enjoy our time there.  After checking into our fabulous hotel - the Hyatt Place (and after my 30 minute run on the Elliptical Trainer), we headed over to the mall - something everyone I ran into told me to do.  I was very curious since I know the Mall of America is in MN, but this mall turned out to be pretty fun. 

Our first stop was Build-A-Bear.  One of the main reasons for our trip was to get my Pap to say into a voice box, "PapPap loves you," that we could in turn put inside our family, PapPap Bear.  We took the kids into the store, selected a bear, and began creating this very special memento that I hope we will all cherish for many years to come.

DSCN9149 DSCN9152

Here's the final product. . . soo cute. . . so PapPap, and yes, I'm tired.


The kids also got to create their own special animal, thanks to their daddy.  What a sucker.  Hehehehe.  Actually, we had planned on treating them after the entire drive home, but he moved up the surprise to on our way home.  Made for a LONG drive one the final day.

After Build-A-Bear, we discovered a Carousel and Train in the mall.  Same train that is in every mall, but not every mall has a Carousel.  They had a blast!

DSCN9155 DSCN9166

DSCN9202 DSCN9237

DSCN9270 DSCN9304

Then it was off to dinner (after discovering some awesome deals at the Disney Store - need to make a trip to the one in Cedar Park to get a few things for Cayden and Will).  We dined at On the Border with our new friends in tow - Princess and EeeEeeAhhAhh.


And then we returned to our hotel room for a much deserved bath and bedtime.  We did not get to enjoy our sleep this evening as much as we would have liked as well as our breakfast the hotel offered because there were 5 different sets of teenagers running around the hotel.  I am now one of those cranky adults who do not appreciate loud teenagers running the halls - or taking over our breakfast!  We stopped at Starbucks (of course) and hit the road to head to Grace Land.  We did not tour this place since it was $30 a person, but we did peruse the gift shops and bought plenty of gifts.  And we headed home.

It was really neat to see this hospital.  And of course, the pyramid, which we still don't know what it's all about (and not the Hokey Pokey).

DSCN9359 DSCN9360

And we were greeted by the Arkansas sign (since I missed it on the way up).


The rest of the trip involved lots of sleeping and driving -with me driving from Texarkanas through Dallas - a crazy drive if you ask me.  Oh and there is NO Texas sign coming into the state - as there is tons of constructions, but THIS greeted me as we crossed the state line -  Welcome Home!!



We stopped at Chili's south of Dallas only for Hannah to find a hair in her meal - eew.  Got that taken care of and headed home.  We arrived home really late - children were sleeping and were surprisingly greeted by this awesome new organization shelf in the playroom and a sparkling clean home (thanks to Mom and Daddy - I <3 y'all). 


And that sums up our travels!  Xoxo - R